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My Musical Backround

My Musical Backround is really Complicated..

I mean with my Mom I was always Listening to The Winans…Fred Hammond..Real Traditional Stuff… with My Dad it was like… A Tribe Called Quest.. De la Soul… My Dad was and Still is a Big Hip Hop Head..But he Also Had me On Donnie Hathaway…the Temptations..the Dells..Bob Marley…

as I grew Up though I began to Search For my Own Music..

I honestly Didnt know much About How Albums…singles..and Mixtapes worked Back then And The awsome part About Being Young and Finding out what music you Like is the fact that Your not Biased..

My Cousin Introduced me to “Dem Franchise Boys” when they first came out…

I listened to the whole cd… Liked the Whole Snap Sound also Got into D4L I thoght That Kind Of Sound was Genius…so Simple But Genius..

Meanwhile on the Gospel SIde We had deitrick haddon I listened to alittle bit of Lost and Found But thought it still didnt appeal like the worlds music

I loved RnB…Usher Of Course…Tyrese..jagged edge..Blackstreet..genuine..

my mom got the first smokie norful cd And i really Dug it…loved his voice..



Changed My Life..

Back Then I really Didnt Care about punchlines..medaphoars..all that..

only thing that attracted me to a rapper Was Flow..

and his was abstract and Mad different

thought it was the Best THing EVER

Not Only That But he was Like me..

I could identify with the Non Thug Look..

Common came out with BE i thot That was realllllllll tight liked his flow… and i liked the whole knaye west soul sampling stuff

Late Registration came Out So Did Graduation..

meanwhile On my rock Side I Loved.. blink 182 sum 41..coldplay..the whitestripes..A.F.I

GORILLAZ was Everything I liked in One package…ART RAP AND ROCK mixed..

I also found out about J DILLA!!!

MANNNNNNNNN R.I.P that man had sum Good music

Kanye Came out with 808’s and HeartBreak and i finally found out that i like..


anything new sounding that was me..

I loved MF DOOM…dude was the epiteme of WEIRD

Cee lo Greens voice O_0 …insane ..digged it

then after I graduated Highschool The Lord Dealt with me..And suddenly all this worldly music I liked i couldnt listen to it Anymore Because it affected my spirit Negatively..

Long story Short.. I Didnt find a SUbstitute I found sumthing Better…

Deitrick Haddon… Yaves The Street pastor and Slingshot…Lecrae …Trip lee.. But I still was missing that Different NEW experimental Music I loved..

and then i was introduced to a dude Named MALI MUSIC..changed my perception of what The Lords Music Could Be..

The Sound im going for if Different from anything ANybodies ever Heard…And i Dont Make it for The Church i make it for Everybody No compromise Just Plain Word and Annointing..

The main Goal…is to See the Lord exalted and souls saved…as far as making religious people happy…… sorry :/

Shalom :)