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Blues-Rock Guitarist Rick Fowler: Back On My Good Foot CD Reviews

"Athens, Georgia's Rick Fowler is a midnight stalker on guitar, steady when called for, but fearless when he rips into the moment. As a vocalist he's spooky-smooth. Randall Bramblett, along with a few others, mixes up tasty blues/rock cocktails behind Fowler on Back On My Good Foot. There's a distinct Brit-invasion vibe to several of the songs, but the production and the deft, exciting performances root the album firmly in the here and now. “You've got skeletons in your closet; well mine's out walkin' 'round; and when that jawbone starts to rattle; it spreads the news all over town.” That line alone, on top of a stomping beat, distinguishes Fowler as one hell of a writer. The timely political outrage in “Running from the Truth” and the chic blues in “Walk Softly” are two morecases in point. As a perfect conclusion to the album, the band all but one-ups Savoy Brown in ten agile minutes of sheer “Hellbound Train.”...Hittin' the Note Magazine, June, 2008

"As a writer, Rick Fowler pens songs that reach out and literally grab the listener by the lapels. Add to that his stinging guitar attack and a red-hot backing band, and Back On My Good Foot makes for a highly-recommended listen!!!"...Don Crow - The Music City Blues Society

"With so many blues guitarists aping the Vaughns, it's refreshing to hear somebody wear his British blues influences on his sleeve. . . Fowler achieving a fat sound that would do Kim Simmonds proud. . . Road to Nowhere and the Strat-y Walk Softly are good, old-fashioned, unadorned blues."...Dan Forte - Vintage Guitar Magazine

“Fowler sings with an understated intensity and his playing isn't showy, but brims over with a dark soulful power. Fowler's also a superior songwriter, and while his scenarios are unremittingly bleak they're also imbued with a self-effacing humor that keeps things from getting too grim. The opener, "Infected With the Blues", likens the blues to a fatal disease. Fowler's observations on his condition here mirror the lives of many as he sings "I'm worried 'bout the future, I'm haunted by the past, ain't crazy 'bout the present, I pray that it can't last" His solo is full of fire and brimstone that belies his protestation of helplessness.”...j.poet – Billboard.com, All Music Guide

"Back On My Good Foot is as straightforward of a blues record as humanly possible. Super distorted everything, way too much reverb on the vocals (my only complaint), and actual soul makes this an incredibly solid blues record.

Fowler, as anyone who listens to this can hear, is about music, not popularity, and plays his music that way. With quite a bit of delta influence and musicianship to boot, this album is for anyone stoked on good, old fashion porch blues."...John Shelton Ivany's Top 21, June, 2008

"Classic white boy blues guitarist that's happy to be a well regarded journeyman in search of the ultimate riff. The kind of cat that knows his stuff, doesn't make a big deal out of it and lets the good times roll. Fun stuff for blues guitar fans ready to let it rock."...Chris Spector - Midwest Record

Rick Fowler's Back On My Good Foot charts at number 41 worldwide

Athens, Georgia blues-rock musician Rick Fowler's new album has reached number 41 in The Roots Music Report, the #1 source for worldwide airplay reporting of blues and roots music.

Blues-rock guitarist Rick Fowler's Back On My Good Foot album

Reprinted from a press release from Mark Pucci Media:

Fowler’s Jammates Records debut includes special guest performers: R.E.M.’s Bill Berry and Randall Bramblett

LaGrange, GA – Jammates Records announces a March 25, 2008 release date for Back on My Good Foot, the label debut CD from Athens, Georgia-based blues/rock singer and guitarist Rick Fowler. Among those joining him on the album are Randall Bramblett (Hammond organ), Gerry Hansen (drums) and Michael C. Steele (bass and backing vocals) – all members of the Randall Bramblett Band – as well as original R.E.M. drummer Bill Berry, who guests on the song, “Road to Nowhere.”

Back on My Good Foot showcases Rick Fowler’s main influences of classic raw blues and British blues/rock, which make for an exciting and powerful mix. The new CD features nine original songs either written or co-written by Fowler, as well as a 10-minute rail-shaking version of the Savoy Brown classic, “Hellbound Train.” It was recorded at several studios in Atlanta and Athens, produced by Pat Patten and mastered by the legendary Rodney Mills (Atlanta Rhythm Section, Gregg Allman).