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What makes a musician?

I sat and wondered how to begin writing a blog. What could I possibly write that our fans would be interested in reading? I started to think about what makes people become musicians. I never even understood myself what made me pick up an instrument. The first response I could come up when I asked myself that very question was to get laid. Honestly even the ugliest guy’s can hook up once they learn to play a few chords. Good looking guys can have freaking harems. The older I got the more I realized the dream of being the next Robert Plant started to recede pretty much along with my hair line. It takes an incredible amount of dedication and time to become a professional musician not to mention a whole lot of good fortune to rise to superstardom. Over my life I have come to realize that music is a part of the universal fabric that creates and fuses every aspect of existence. Everything in the universe is made up of energy. The rate that the energy vibrates at is what determines the shape and state of the energy when it is in a state of matter. Musicians seem to be in tune with these vibrations. Everyone hears the music but for some reason musicians are compelled to write it down in note form or play it on an instrument. Anyone can learn to play an instrument but there are those who are born to do it. The music is in all of us but it is stronger in some more than others, these are the ones who will eventually be remembered by the history books.

“Music holds a secret, to know it can make you whole. It’s not just a game of notes, it’s the sounds inside your soul. The magic of the melody, Runs through you like a stream. Notes that play go through you head, like a dream . . . Like a dream . . . Like a dream” == Rik Emmett =

Rik Emmett’s lyrics explain it all. The music is inside each and every one of us. Listen to it and walk to the beat of your own drum. Those of us who get overwhelmed by the music inside us create music and play music.

Keep listening to the music inside of you, who knows what can come from it. With a little bit of luck you might get laid......

Finn (Mad Dogs – Vocals)

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