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Gran Larson / Blog

"Burn Notice" (the mixtape)

Released in the summer of 2012 this highly anticipated mixtape brings together a mixture of fans. As Gran Larson says, "It's not just a specific meaning, I'm just spitting hot bars in different styles (that's the burn); and I'm making my statement (that's the notice)". Includes Upcoming Producers like: The Synthesis | SureFire Beats | Scrilla Beats | General Beats | IzZy | DownTownMusic & YoungGoku Beats. Download you copy today---http://www.datpiff.com/Gran-Larson-Burn-Notice-Gran-Larson-Presents-mixtape.348642.html

Just a lil something off the top (random)

Go to sleep knowing trouble is my bestfriend let it all go to get the *greatest blessing* deadication/determination the *greateses lesson* not the pistols a person word is the *greatest weapon* more question get less answers when pain *step in* drenched in bad conditions..when the rain *let in* filled with anger everytime my scars *set in* screamed fuk the world till they freed my brotha *D.A* remember *good days* life turned into hell i want a *replay* storms passed everytime *we pray* keep ya head up luv ya to the death brah room feelin empty im comin to make ya bed dyin seems pretty easy but am i getting ahead or am i just crazy im jux speakin out loud spill my soul everytime i writ this shit down evil overcomes the weak everytime you put ya dukes down thats why im ready for war they dont know whats in store now open the door see a person strong minded no such thing as the greatest let me know when you find it put that on my son it seems so timeless call it the happening situation of rhyming

Poetic vibe

Voice in my eardrums forces me to live in the shadows..idk what to think s0metime..blinded by my tears remember heartache and misery had a few heartburns in the past hist0ry..i h0pe to share my wisd0m if i live past sixty, tell me if i die w0uld y0 miss me? Questi0n:tell me what y0u kn0w b0ut me. All my enimies bow d0wn in defeat.. Reas0n, i stive 4 vict0ry write my stats down put my name in the hist0ry b0oks[im ment to be there]..solve the equati0n 0f my life and you'll find c-squared[C=Courage]..cant let the gl0ry pass 4it..if i had a p0cket knife ill stab 4it, why d0es my spirit feel s0 alone? Im empty inside.. Hard to live but itx easier to die if s0mebody feedin me lies ima lo0k in their eyes.. When i rise y0u can tell that im wize..never amused since... The devil started telling lies in the pool-pit...