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CARTOON IDEAS album review by Andrew Lea

"Gone are the Shiny Mirrors, Dirty People, and Streetwalkers, and present is something very personal and very atmospheric. It is melancholic at times, and very happy when you would least expect it. Themes ranging from social philosophy to current events, from Sandy Hook to a lost loved one, from figuring out life to “selling out”.

Scott has seemingly stepped away from the his “urban blues” and found himself caught in something that is three parts alternative, two parts folk, and two and a half parts minimalistic electronica, with tiny bits of Americana sprinkled here and there. His roots are still present, set firmly in the same soil in which they were first planted, but the tree has grown.

Cartoon Ideas flows like a stretched out piece of chewed bubble gum; while thickest at both ends, it is delicious all the way through; the first three and last four songs are what really make this album the treasure that it is. The opening track, Back Monkeys, was one he had been playing for a while, by himself and with Chemical Eyes, but was hardly recognizable. The opening synths and the harmonica which soon follows really show the difference between now and before. "

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Cartoon Ideas

Cartoon Ideas is a recent album self-produced by indie artist, Scott Skopec. Cartoon Ideas is a unique blend of Acoustic, Electronica, New Age, and Alternative, all done with the strength of originality.

14 tracks, the album spanning a total of 60 minutes, each track is uniquely different. "Back Monkeys" gives a hint of Pop and Folk, while "Bucket List", and "Parasital" move along the lines of Alternative & New Age.

Please give this album a listen, you might find yourself listening to it over and over.

CD's, and digital downloads are for sale.

Information & Releases

How's it going, Im Scott Skopec of Chemical Eyes, and this account was made solely for my solo projects. Chemical Eyes is another entity, so if you want to hear what kind of music we make, or stay up-to-date with us, please look up "Chemical Eyes" in the search bar, and we will be sure to show up! "Telescopes" has just been released on this page. Telescopes is a 4 song acoustic-themed album, produced by Atlas World Studios. My next project, "The Opposite of Space" should be projecting within the next week, so please stay tuned and enjoy the music!