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Kudos 2 FUZZY NAVAL B & G !!!!!!

SIXTEENTONS OF NO. 9 COAL would like to roundly thank Bremerton's FUZZY NAVAL BAR & GRILL for adding 3 of our original tunes to their juke box. Dat B way-ass-wikked-kool fo' sho' !!!!!

"MUSIC-4-GOOD" (Downloads That Donate)

Every artist selling music on ReverbNation chooses a charity they will support and splits proceeds of that sale right down the middle. Half to the charity, half to the artist. So every time a fan buys a song from a ReverbNation artist, they're demonstrating their support for indie music and a worthy cause. What a grand idea whose time has come -- It's GOOD for the artist, GOOD for the charities, and GOOD for music fans. Yes indeed friends, It's MUSIC FOR GOOD!!! Just look for the HEART-shaped icon on the artist's homepage to signify their participation in the program .... then show your support for the artists and their selected charities through song download purchase and attendant fan donation to worthwhile causes.


SIXTEENTONS of No. 9 Coal cordially welcomes MILES DUDLIE into the 16-TONS family.


In terms of overall band composition, development, and progress, "SIXTEENTONS of No. 9 Coal" has been steadily morphing & "shape-shifting" into a more-and-more better defined, gradually-refined, and therefore increasingly sophisticated project with the addition of two part-time associate members: MARSHALL TROTLAND (Bass), and HARLEY TROTLAND (Drums) -- a superior "dynamic-duo" tandem of brothers whom together comprise one of the tightest, most talented, versatile, and altogether wonderfully-killer rhythm sections anyone could ever hope to find !!!! Yes indeed, Marshall & Harley have become an awesome addition, as they are both exceptional musicians & performers -- very experienced, well-traveled, veteran journeymen. They are busy, busy peeps because they also happen to be closely associated with two other grand bands: "TUMBLEDOWN" and "The MxPx All-Stars" -- which are both Mike Herrera recording and touring productions. Additionally, much gratitude goes out to (1) KELSEY GARVIN, for her contribution of some fine viola playing, and (2) MARK HARRIS, for provision of some intense electric guitar work. We thank them all -- Marshall, Harley, Kelsey, & Mark -- for participating in the recording of our debut CD "The Gift Of Music"


We, the members of "SIXTEENTONS", are truly an American Roots band, in every sense of the term -- and as such, we are seriously dedicated to being "a band of the people"....yes, the genuine article.....thus "a sincere grassroots, common-folk musical ensemble" ..... one noteworthy case-in-point is this: WE are a band that pays-our-dues, and also most-definitely pays-our-way!!! While the majority of bands SELL all their music downloads to fans (and prospective fans alike), WE, the "SIXTEENTONS" band, actually follow-the-beat-of-a-different-drummer, for the most part, and proceed a little differently -- that is to say, WE give most of our music downloads away in joyful FREE-GRATIS fashion at this juncture.....especially in our current failing U.S. economy, because we sincerely believe and promote our sound philosophy by literally "putting-our-money-where-our-mouths-are" !!!! Hey now, we do our part....so please do your part and give us a listen....give us a try......you can listen to all our music posted to the site in streaming fashion for free.....and essentially along those lines, most of our music downloads are presently free-for-the-taking as well, so hey, hey, whaddaya say, say....please take some of it away, away!!!! Yes indeed, friends, neighbors, and sports fans alike.....go right ahead, jump-on-in an' git knee-deep-innit....and take some good free American music downloads for yerseff. Hell yeah, my dear bruthaz 'n' sistaz ...."Git-R-Dun", for Pete's flippin' sake!!!! Of course, we reserve the right to maintain control over all copyrights, 'cos after all, our toonz just happen to be our very own intellectual property....but we gladly share it with y'all....so now hey, is that cool or what, huh??!!!! Peace out 2 all Y'all !!!!!!! (Much love to one-and-all as well !!!)

Special Artists & Fans & Special Events

* One of our favorite Washington artists, dear Kit Nelson, is pulling-up-stakes and moving to Austin, TX in order to further her music career. She's gonna tear-it-up out there in the Austin mega-music scene. We wish her all the luck in the world for becoming a big star -- which she already actually is in the eyes & ears of many -- within the vibrant Austin hub and beyond....and we will all miss her very much indeed!!!

* Dual B-Day Party for Victoria & Kaylee @ Fuzzy Naval Bar & Grill

"Russian" To Judgment

WOWZERZ, my friends, neighbors, kind hearts, gentle souls, and sports fans alike.....last night's gig @ The Central Saloon was indeed quite special and pretty damned different, to be sure. Everything was proceeding as per normal until two hot Russian twin sisters came "russian" suddenly into the bar and thus onto the scene....in-fact, their grand entrance caused a scene to develop, and it served nicely in such fashion as to change the overall demeanor and attendant personality within the venue in the flash of an instant. Not only were they easy-on-the-eyes, but their respective and collective charming and warm, friendly personas became tantamount to a breath of fresh air.....gotta love those tourists -- they claimed to be visiting Seattle while on vacation from their homeland. What a shot-in-the-arm it was for the band when both of these wild and crazy girls unabashedly jumped up on stage and began embracing and dancing with us whist we were performing and while some of their new-found friends out in the audience were enthusiastically involved in the process of snapping-off photos at a frenetic pace.....talk about widespread serendipity, eh??!!!!!! All this nonsense was pretty sweet while it lasted, but alas all good things must end -- when we noticed the security/bouncer dude approaching the stage all the way from the far side of the venue, we knew our "little special moment" was in serious jeopardy of concluding rather straightaway from that point.....but hey, spontaneity is a good thing....at least for a while, I guess.....and "spur-of-the-moment" excitement certainly helps to wake-up and galvanize an audience and thus catalyze the show with sudden improved dynamics, so hey, all-in-all it all came-off without incident and/or negative consequences of any kind -- and I do certainly understand the venue's legal responsibility and accountability regarding potential liability issues, so the girls had to be removed from the stage....so be it.....oh, but the memories will last a long time for many. Kinda trippy deal ......"mammaries light the corners of my mind" !!!!!