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Rock and Roll authenticity has been born again in Cleveland, Ohio!

The Rock and Roll capital of the world, namely Cleveland, Ohio, has given birth to a rock band named MyTh and Company.

MyTh and Company has undeniably restored “Rock and Roll” back into todays music scene, a music scene that has lacked real artistic integrity for far to long.

This unique band has a melodically moving sound that is ear gripping! They truly are a breath of fresh-air for the “Rock and Roll” music industry, to its supported fans, and to the music enthusiast.

MyTh and Company, a power trio, are a throw-back to the music of the 1960s an era where not only new music was being created and experimented with, but where authentic “Rock and Roll” music was being produced.

Robin Hunter

The Current State of the Music Industry

Since the birth of the first record labels in the 19th century, to the days of the LP, 8-track tape, cassette tape, and compact disks (CD’s), there has always been a traditional and standard model in the music industry. However, the birth of the Internet and if you really seek the truth, it was Steve Jobs who shattered this model as many of the major record labels are becoming a dying breed.

Today’s music industry has become a world of iTunes, MP3s, and online marketing and distribution, and this shows no signs of slowing down, as the music industry continues to remain unhealthy.

The current state of the music industry is one that is continuously developing and is openly competitive, forecasting the outcome of this competitive nature and its results for the years to follow is currently difficult to ascertain.

As for the musical artist(s) many new avenues have developed to become exposed like never before! Many new artists can be discovered as the Internet is saturated with good music as well as bad, but in my opinion, it is mostly consumed with the latter.

Robin Hunter, Manager, MyTh and Company

MyTh and Company


Finally, there is a band out there that is a throwback to the 1960s, a throwback to the years where music was being experimented with, to put it simply, a throwback to "real" musical creativity and talent.

That band is....

Established in 2008, MyTh and Company is starting to spark some hope for the musically grim rock and roll capital of the world.

Emerging from this fog in Cleveland, Ohio, like the Eric Carmen’s and Joe Walsh’s of days past, this artistic musical trio has come to breed new life with their irrefutable fervent sound and vigorous stage presence.

Radio will soon flourish with the empowering vocals and bass riffs from Nick Baur, the tyrannical guitar style of Cody Robert, and Eric Butlers’ undeniable inherent percussion performance.

The ear gripping and melodically moving sound of this power trio, MyTh and Company, has established its mark as a bona fide rock and roll band as they continue to ascend in this industry.

Robin Hunter Manager MyTh and Company