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Rock Me Amadeus- Power Rock version

Rock Me Amadeus 2008- Hard Rock version by Evet Socrates

This was a great song back in the day; I remembered I really dug the video's costumes.

Years later I heard it on an 80's hour and wondered what the lyrics were saying, so I had my grandmother (who is German) translate it for me. The translation kind of sat around for a while and when I finally acquired the audio sequencing program REASON, which comes loaded with string and orchestral samples, I started to put together my own string arrangement for the song's choruses. I saved various arrangements as audio files to be used in my main drum machine/beatbox maker MAGIX Music Maker 12. I encountered some problems with the program wanting to readjust these files tempos to it's own, which was an automatic process which could be only be worked around; and it kind of got in the way. But MM12 has cool drum modules built in.

I used the original version of the song which I acquired off of iTunes, it was the music video mix, the only version that was available, as a reference for just basically layering my beats over it. People have commented that they dig my mix's heavy sound without the goofy female voice going on. (Where can you get this version off of the web?)

When I finally got the backing tracks into shape I turned to adapting the English translation to a rap. I was conscious of not only fitting the words in time but also having them the inflections similar to Falco's. I'm still working on the final mix, trying to get the strings sounding more powerful, and the edgy guitars in there not overpowering them.

I recorded all the vox and guitars using Magix Music Studio for some reason instead of using the higher end Nuendo program I've more recently started using.

The main idea started off by doing it at the open mics here in Chicago. I had in mind to do a Neo-classical set, along with Spring by Vivaldi, and 'Air' by Jason Becker. I thought "wouldn't it be cool to put some actual Mozart guitar playing in there?" So I picked the Turkish march, with an electric guitar arrangement of my own, and it ended on A, which fitted as an intro perfectly! The rest of the song has a different tempo but I did mange to put some of the Mozart third section's runs in the guitar solo. Recently we are starting to do it in my band, ELECRIC SOCRATES. Maybe at some point we can synch up live to the string arrangement, we'll have to see.

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