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New news! Good news, at that...

Hello there! redLYON is happy to announce the addition of Tyler Mooncitylot to the band! Tyler will be taking over the vast majority of guitar duties. Tyler is exceptionally talented and the band is fortunate to have him aboard! The first show with Tyler will be at the Debonair Social Club in Chicago on June 27th... so we would love a HUGE crowd to come out and welcome him!

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Sorry for the lack of blog posts for a bit there... it's been a busy time for redLYON! We have several shows coming up (details in the "live" section)... and we just wrapped up playing at The Elbo Room in Chicago. It was a great time... in the next few weeks you may see a bit of video from that show as well as the possibility of a great live E.P. from The Elbo Room... but, shhhhh, *it's a secret*. The show was great, crowd was a little sparse, but that happens. The band we played with, Dharma, nothing short of fantastic! Coming all the way from SoCal, they had a great Joy Division, Interpol, Mazzy Starr, Mogwai vibe... if you get a chance, PLEASE check them out! www.wearedharma.com. Onward to Indianapolis for redLYON... The Melody Inn on Sept 7th. Please, please, please, come check this show out! It will be a ton of fun! Again, details in the "live" section. Pictures, video, music... all these things are coming in the next few weeks... so thanks for paying attention and we look forward to seeing you at one of our shows! --e. redLYON www.redlyonmusic.com

Mark your calendar!

Thirteen. May. Two thousand fourteen. Instinct. redLYON. Pick it up! It will be available in all the major digital outlets (iTunes, etc), it will be available here, on our ReverNation page, and it will be available at www.redlyonmusic.com. Also, feel free to come out to a show and pick up a copy and say hi! Thanks for listening and stay tuned for upcoming goodness...

--ED-- redLYON

The End Is The Beginning!

Okay, all... it seems that recording is done, the lion's (ha) share of editing as well, and tracklist set. All the album artwork has been completed... so, the end of that process is the beginning of the release! It approaches rapidly... within days we will be letting you all know the when and where of the album release. We are excited to get this out let you all hear it and play some shows to support it. We will also be having a big cd release show... working out the details for that but I can tell you that the band(s) that have agreed to play with us are fantastic... it is going to be a show you should definitely get to! Okay, back to ironing out some final details... stay tuned...


Recording and More!

Hey all, Dan here with some updates. We recently got finished with more recording and fine-tuning of our first album, Instinct! It was a long weekend of low-budget/high-fidelity fun, brutally interrupted by daylight savings and an hour missing and on the run. And our new song, Miss Short Brown Hair, came out really well. Some may even call it awesome. Super awesome. Also got videos up for Dance While It Burns and Animated Coma. See the YouTube link below for more info. We shot Dance While It Burns in the wee hours of the morning, but it came together well (and it would be nice not to be exhausted when working on this!). Animated Coma is something Elijah was able to throw together with footage from an early show of ours. I enjoy it. You should, too.

RedLyonMusic on YouTube

Later, Kids.

Red Lion at Birdy's!

Just a quick note for all those out there who may find themselves in the Indianapolis area - Red Lion are playing a great show, sponsored by Axis Mundi, at Birdy's at 9:30. $5.00 at the door. There will be 4 other great performances by DeMaggio, Second Hand Theory, Expecting Casualties, and D.P.Z. Come, have fun, and listen to some great indie Indy music!

September 26, 2012

Some Red Lion ebbs and flows have been afoot... it seems I, Elijah Durnell, have taken primary vocal duties while Mary Beth Boyer does some... um... "co-vocaling". Sort of along the lines of bands like The Kills. If you haven't heard them, please do. Musically unlike Red Lion but vocals may be handled the same. The recorded versions so far just have my vocals... we'll see if that changes to add MBB vocals... Recording is nearly at it's end for this album! Please have a listen to the tracks we've posted and let us know what you think! Thanks and stay tuned!

--e. RedLion

Red Lion

Seems as though Red Lion will be playing in Indianapolis at the end of April. More information coming soon....