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EP finally ready to launch!

Dimmer Switch's 6 song EP "Not The Stereo-Type" is done, printed and ready to release (finally!) , and what better way than a big party at Herman's Hideaway on Friday, September 14th 2012 with some of the best punk bands in Denver (lineup includes The Blackouts, Torch the Wagon, Red Stinger, and No Bueno!) We're excited because we recorded the album months ago at 8 Houses Down in Lower Downtown Denver, and after months of fundraising and finalizing artwork,etc.... it is done! Thanks to so many friends and family members who supported us along the way, come celebrate and party with us! We'll have giveaways and merch and of course the CD, and we'll be selling it for only $5 !! Get a hard copy cheaper than you can download it from iTunes (did I not mention, it is on iTunes as well for $5.94!) We're really excited, come out to Herman's Hideaway with the password "Stereo-type" to get in for only $4 !! And if you can't make the release show, head to our facebook page and you can order a hard copy of the album from our "Music Store" link through CDbaby.com or download there for $4.95 (save 1 dollar off itunes) . Any way you get the album we appreciate it, share it with your friends, and we'll keep the music coming !! - Dimmer Switch

What is That?

Have you ever felt like you have been ran over by a truck and the only person that could help you is that truck driver and even then they just push you aside and assume your gonna be fine......." they're breathing, they'll be fine..."? And on the other side have you ever been that truck driver that just wanted to hit that dumbass crossing the street in the wrong place? Thats what this band is about. For the past couple of years we have been back to the drawing board working on getting a solid 4 piece together and have succeeded in doing so this past year. The analogy describes our music perfectly with a tug'o'war approach using different motivations and inspirations reigning from different backgrounds. Like a Dimmer Switch, we never get to that perfect balance giving us that inperfect existence. In a world full of inperfections, it helps us realize that we, as a band and as friends, are as perfect as we will ever want to be. In a land full of guys who wear make-up,skinny jeans and trojan horse haircuts, we still rock t-shirts and baseball caps. We are Dimmer Switch. Check us out!