Welcome 2012!

2012 is beginning with the promise of a great year! We wish everyone health, happiness, success, and bigger dreams. Keep your dreams alive....


Knee deep in the holiday season half way between Thanksgiving and Christmas--We are taking a moment to thank our friends/fans for their support and friendship. We have had the opportunity to interact with and get to know so many very talented people and we want to THANK YOU for taking time out of your lives to enhance ours! We appreciate each and every one of you!


Today, we want to take pause and turn the attention toward our friends here on RN. We had a kick-ass event last night, BUT the best part was logging in to RN this morning and finding out that we are now ranked #2 in our area...We NEVER could have gotten enough Band Equity yesterday as we were packing up the trailer, driving an hour and a half to the venue, setting up, and then entertaining over 3000 people throughout the evening. This one we owe to our AWESOME friends here on RN. You kept our page active and spinned our tunes....and YOU ARE OH SO APPRECIATED! We are at #213 nationally and need to get to #164 to catch the #1 in the area. (Matt Giraud from American Idol's last season). With your help....what we once thought was unattainable, now appears to be within our grasp! We will continue to support your efforts as you have supported us! THANK YOU!

8000 strong...

We went over 8000 fans this evening! We have made some incredible friends on Reverbnation and appreciate the support and kindness that everyone has shown. We look forward to hearing some great talent every day and we enjoy spending time getting to know our new found like-minded friends. Thank you for helping and supporting us!!!


As I am sitting here listening to awesome tracks all over reverbnation this evening, I am giving thought to the GROOVEBUS that will be running for free on October 22nd in Holland! A bus to take patrons between 10 bars to hear 10 bands...what a great concept! I am thinking that everyone in Southwest Michigan should be buying a wristband so they can enjoy the party and GET ON THE GROOVEBUS!!!


Our latest CD (Reminiscing) is now available on I-TUNES! Check it out...buy a tune or two!

3000+ fans!!!!

Over 3000 listed on Reverbnation! This site rocks for getting your music out there. Thank you to those who are following us on this site, facebook, and myspace. Doesn't matter which site you use...just keep doing what you are doing!!!! We are grateful for the opportunity to share our music with you. Social !


Wow! We hit over 2000 fans today! We are incredibly humbled by all of the fans that are busy clicking "like" or joining our mailing list !!! We feel very privileged to be back together, doing what we love to do and having so many people provide us such great feedback! Thank you! Hope to see some of you at Wayside tonite...come up and introduce yourselves to us, we'd love to meet you!

Over 1000 Fans and Counting

Woke up this morning to see that we have now gone over 1000 fans! I find it amazing how quickly word can spread (and music for that matter) with the social networking sites. We appreciate the feedback and the support!

We have been working hard preparing for the show at Wayside next weekend and hope that our fans in Southwest Michigan make it out!!!

Gearing Up!

Yes, we played the Cloverdale Lake Party last weekend and had a great time...but now we are gearing up to walk through the doors at Wayside and blow them away! Wayside has always been a great show! We are currently working on some endorsements so we can get some swag out to everyone. Busy couple of weeks ahead of us. Hope everyone gets the word out and brings their friends...lets get this house packed!