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Dos Mamas on the 14 th


Dear Joe Scarborough at MSNBC

Dear Joe,

My name is Little Jake. I am an entertainer. I am the first African American to perform at the University of Florida Homecoming pep rally in 1960 when blacks were not allowed to attend. But we made history because the student body wanted my group Little Jake and the Fabulous Blenders to perform and the only way that I accepted was that Blacks could also attend. Blue Key home coming committee and President J. Wayne Reitz agreed and history was made. I am in the University of Florida archives. My new group now is called Little Jake and the Soul Searchers. We just won the North Central Florida Blues Society Challenge and we are onto the 2012 International Blues Challenge in Memphis. My reason for contacting you is that 1998 when you were in Congress I played at the Fish house Pensacola New Year’s eve. You played a song with my band Little Jake Mitchell on the guitar. It was an honor that I met you that night. I would like so much for my band and I to perform on your show one morning. Check my facebook page and you will know about me. It should bring back memories.

Little Jake

Prayer of the Week

Prayer of the Week

by Little Jake Mitchell on Saturday, December 17, 2011 at 7:34pm

Father God we thank you again We thank you for life We thank you for Jesus We thank you for your mercy We thank you for grace We thank you for our salvation We thank you for your healing power We thank you for power to defeat the enemy We praise your name We bless your name A God of all power And forgivness of our sins In Jesus name Amen

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