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New Album

I am now working on my 5th album! The record is titled Bluewater Strikes back and I am so far very pleased with the material I have written so far. More energetic in tone than my previous album Umbrella Man, i am sure fans will not be disappointed! The album should be ready for release my late April this year! Wishing you all the best,


4th Album

Hi People! Just thought I'd mention the fact that I have been busy of late working on the recording of my 4th studio album Umbrella Man. This is an album of dreamy upbeat love songs which attempt to reflect the magical feeling of falling in love with someone special! So far so good!! Hope you all are well!!!!!

New Album

Just to let you folks know that my new album Overlord will be uploaded soon. The track-listing is as follows -

Overlord Unbreakable Your Time will Come Apocalypse London I can't Breathe Psychocity Nowhere Fast Save Me Skyscraper My Dark Star