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D Roabie Zacque On The "Shawty" Bio

I want nothing but the best for this song. Give it to me, let me show you my capabilities. I might be 16, but I know what I'm talking about when I say ?it?. I have this belief that a man is judged by his capabilities, so don't look at me by my age but by my abilities. And u won't see that unless you let me show u what I can really do. Droabie Zacque - Shawty My heart. The Track appeared in the album "Some Where In Me" music album by Droabie Zacque. The Lyrics Are talking about how when she sees him, she turns her head down in a way where he won't see her face, in other words she ignores him and he does not understand. He has bought her everything that money can buy, He has bought her all that love can buy, He has done for her all that fame can do. He have proven himself worthy of her love, respect, and honor. Still She refuse to give in, still she resists him, and that is an un-understandable in his head. So there he goes by going to ask her what he has done, or what makes him not worthy of her. and there by Writing the song, "Shawty My Heart".

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Started at age 16 by writing the world's greatest hit (Shawty My Heart) that even now it is still one of the highest ranked amongst Roabie's music singles. Started out with GarageBand and earphones, moved to GarageBand and headphones, now it is GarageBand and Microphone. The world is truly a blissful place. Step by step a child grows to walk with two legs, and soon with three