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Badly Touched so far.......

Had a great time writing "Spoon" and "left to forget" last month. Seems like work commitments never seem to give us much time to sit down and get our shit together(Magners Irish cider and Jim Beam red stag also seem to eat up the hours)

Still time is what you make of it? The concept of time to a convict is completely different to a terminally ill patient surely!? So we had 12 hours to kill so instead of sitting at a bar with the liquid ball and chain, we used the time more like we were Freddie Mercury with the sniffles!

Left to forget was an existing instrumental J had lying around it was initially to become a track about rape called "since records began" (one for the future perhaps?) Then Spoon was another group of Ideas which all came together (and for 2 hours writing, I feel is intrumentally shit hot). So all in all I think we're happy so far........

Cease Finger Bum

After a while not doing much, looking forward to getting on to sharpening old, and writing new material.