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this song is louder than ALL the others. sorry ! it's also really really rough as yet! praying it will all come together soon.. bass players out there? contact 089457643 ..PEACE!

Trad no more ?

Banish misfortune ... and perish the thought! For the last little while, musical journeys have taken me on a sojourn outside planet Trad ... When we say "Trad" here (on the island of Ireland), we are talkin about Traditional Irish Music and Culture. Since landing in Cork in 1993, I've been taken out to go setdancing, and playing Traditional fiddle. Shortly before moving to Clare (ca. 2001??), traditional song and sean-nós dance got activated in my life. My teachers in song include Helen Hayes (east Clare), Rosie Stewart (co. Fermanagh), Robbie McMahon (Spancil Hill, co. Clare), Deirdre Scanlan (Nenagh/ Killaloe.. former singer of Solas), Iarladh Ó Lionáird (from west Cork), Nora Butler (Nenagh), Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh (co. Kerry, and of band Danú), Edel Vaughan (Crusheen, Co. Clare)... all such Teachers of much more than just song and Tradition. I consider Martin Hayes' tuition to have included song and life learning, as much as anything on Fiddle.

In 2011, a rock band asked me to be their backing singer. We performed twice in Clare and in Galway, before the band underwent new lineup and other radical changes, and straddled a music video awaiting completion. Latest news being that said video will be released shortly... (days, rather than weeks here!) Just prior to rock'n'roll re-introducing itself in an intimate way into my life, I met with a very special young man from near and far, who became a frequent musical partner. We performed at local functions & events in between the rest of life. What happened also in this particular pairing, was that each of our own original compositions were being played, and eventually, performed.

So, fast forward to today---

For years I've noticed that music is a friendly easy medium that has no lack of persuasion, to the detriment (increasing neglect) of all my other passions, namely Dance, Theatre and visual arts for a start.

But wait now, in today's schedule, I see, may I ask, "where has all the following come from?"

I am helping facilitate a twice weekly dance rehearsal now. Working with a weekly craft group. In the rock band once a week, and have auditioned for a local Drama project. All the while, continuing learning the newborne (and not so newly penned) songs of mine, and venturing out to perform same.

What is the future?

I've been missing too many Traditional singing seisiún, in favour of Open Mic nights. And instead of setdancing, I'm rehearsing with the band. In place of playing fiddle at seisiún, I'm copying out my original songs to the performance folder.... aggh...

I think I need to go on a long walk outside while the weather is good. And December is around the corner. Inner reflection reevaluation time? .. or an other new song bursting to come out?

Be well, give thanks .... x

archival shtuff.. & then some :)

Nothing exciting. This is what was written about myself & Kieran on my humble page, before we birth'd our co-operative page :D And I thought, perhaps one day, we'll clean it all up, and erase everything we ever wrote... ever ...

but, sure, being a doting Mamma, ... don't I feel like holding onto SOME wee scrap of a momento ... of "back in the day" .... when twas only we two (only on my lil page/abode, before we needed expanding/expounding on) and it fit the bill ...

OH! .. btw, could well be some (well with any hope?) more professional artist is reading this stuff and thinking, "WHAT in the name a God are ye at??"

PLEASE say something to us / me .... we are such Beginners in this whole thing... (note the opening line of this, which follows, our former / present *biography* There was no dreaming of it up ... just TELLiN iT LiKE iT iS LADS )

we don't know what we are doing ... every day we have crazy lives .. Kieran works with special people with needs in Camphill Community Mountshannon. Peneleapaí juggles domestic warrior codes with navigating thru 2011. When the sun goes down, the guitars emerge. Voices are re-tuned and fall into multi-faceted combinations of raw, dissonant, a-tempo, harmonious, symmetrical, prismatic, cathartic, undivided music. We didn't discuss our amazing (dis-)similarities or free-range tastes / tendencies. But in allowing life and the love of all great music past present & future, in, ...givin a nod to fear/insecurity, a union was forged & bonded. We are only pilgrims on the path of truth. If you can help us find our way, we are closer to human harmony every day. There is only one life. one love. respect. peace.


PENKIE .....

we are collaborating at present .... Although there are other musical projects happening simultaneously, we've decided to GO FOR iT with this foundation of two (may god help us!!) ... with some help from friends & friends we haven't met yet! Thanks for ye're encouragement, tips, and observations so far... in case anybody's lost already That's Kieran & Peneleapaí or rather, Peneleapaí + Kieran rolled morphed harmonised blended unended into one name for performance purposes. So, to keep it short, the name is open to editing .. penkie .... just say it fast, as if it always were there :)

LINK to our new premises :)

.. this page will be back to just li'l ol' Peneleapaí ... trad etc artiste ... ahem 'hem...

but Pen is very active .. and has been creating good stuff with Kieran, as you may have followed in the last few months...

the two have decided to birth this babie .. and hope that you'll approve and give your blessing to... here is the link