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It is now October 2014 and good lord this blog has not been utilized very much has it? RGV4 - what does this mean? RGV4 stands for Riotgod Version 4. This is an imaginative presentation you see…. Why not use this fantastic blog area to enlighten who-knows-who… you? --------------------------------------------- RIOTGOD: the name was FIRST applied to a personal music project that had been started by vocalist Sunshine in 1998. This is now known as V1. RGV1: A series of sessions in 1998 led to the production of the now rare blue cassette. With the assistance of CJ Scioscia (http://www.reverbnation.com/cjscioscia) a rarity was recorded and then time went on. RGV2: In 2007 Sunshine rejoined drummer Bob Pantella ( who he had collaborated from 2001 to 2003 ) along with Garrett Sweeny and Jim Baglino to form a band. Like most new bands it went through a period of namelessness. After some searching, Pantella suggested using the name Riotgod. Riotgod or RGV2 was born. RGV3: In 2011 after Jim Baglino departed Riotgod, and was replaced by Erik Boe on bass, so began RGV3. RGV4: In 2014 Bob Pantella and Garrett Sweeny departed Riotgod, leaving Sunshine as the only founding member. Moving forward, Erik Boe switched to guitar and in October Riotgod would welcome on bass Dave BIzzigotti ( Ripping Corpse, A Pale Horse Named Death ) and Scott Smith on drums to begin gigging and writing, day by day weaving the new future.

Greetings from Gaswerk

This is Sunshine writing in from Winterthur Switzerland....

The tour has been great so far, with us not knowing what to expect from each city, and being surprised pleasantly. Dresden was yesterday and that town was so fkn great ... it reminded me of NY Soho or East Village, but in a different key so to speak. Peace to the Groove Station for being supreme hosts.

Tonight we play Gaswerk and ... I just signed two CDs.


OK we gotta go on.... bye

Very soon, very soon: The Riotgod 2010 Europe Visitation.

On Wednesday evening we will depart for our mad adventure -- a tour is what it is commonly called but in **our case** the tour is like the unopened box, the experience lies within We are hoping to make this a great time for us and those who come to check us out on our first go-round of "the continent."

Reside somewhere in Central Europe aka The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Austria ( Vienna?) check out the dates and see if you can join us one night at the club we'll be visiting.

They're ain't much more we can say.... Who knows if we'll even get a tweet or two out during our run. Who knows!

RIOTGOD debut CD will be out by Aug 17th in the U.S.

You can pick up a copy of our self titled CD on Metalville/Intergroove Records in stores Aug.17th We will also be on tour in Europe Sept. 10th through Sept.25th. Thank you for your support fellow Friends and Rockers.

Reviews -- new recordings and more 2010 Riotgod

As you may or may not know we are on a Queen tribute CD.

Well we found a review for this audio nugget. Here if you are curious simply as to what it says about our contribution:

"Side two features the cool tunage from Riotgod (these guys were just at the Stone Pony with The Parlor Mob) and their choice of “Death On Two Legs” sounds expensive—and probably is. Riotgod is comprised of Monster Magnet’s Bob Pantella and Jim Baglino and guitarist Garrett Sweeny. Eerie newcomer vocalist Sunshine cuts a healthy swath out of the original fare, getting a lot of the authentic Queen tone into this tune. It’s good stuff for the Queen cover fan and one of my all-time Queen favorites...."


A curious review indeed. We gather expensive means like we paid a bunch of money to put it together. Well -- our time is money -- so let that be construed as true. Why not? Right?

This is Sunshine preparing this blog entry -- so let me address my view:

I am labeled as "eerie newcomer." This can be taken a few ways...I guess. I, after all love to cut a good swath.

Bob and I, last night, before we got together to record, spoke about the curious description applied to me. "Eerie newcomer."

I admit I don't get out and press the flesh as far as meeting people, or even going to shows. I am either too busy, too distracted, too poor at a particular time, who knows, so I guess to some, I am a newcomer, and unknown. OK -- fine by me.

Eerie: What -- that I really tried to put all of the feel I consider "Freddy" into the song? I am sorry but there is one way for me to sing that song -- and that is really the way I am have always loved to sing it -- even when I sing it in the car or wherever and that is simply it. How can you not want to "channel" Freddy's energy on that tune where he tells some industry scumbag to kiss his ass. Absolutely fabulous.

So -- if by eerie I did that then fine -- eerie is is. I have to think this way -- other wise I imagine me singing dressed up as Vincent Price in the "House of Wax."

As far as the new Riotgod recording -- this one was really fun.

I had the song for about a week and a half and it went through some stewing. I eventually found a center -- and got down the melody, which led to phonetic pseudo-words being applied to spots and eventually -- at any moment words could be applied: while at work, in front of my desk, wherever they hit me.

So last night I came into the studio. With a modest arrangement. But there was still some fine tuning to do. Bob and I tweaked the song and -- long story short in 4 hours there were 9 tracks of vocals. I cannot possibly give anything away by description but let me say this.

I have always been into -- studio wise -- things such as, you know that Yes tune -- "We Have Heaven" where Jon Anderson does that weaving stuff with vocals. I wanted an intertwining vocal going on in the end where a cool alteration of vocal placement tweaks your ear. Well in this yet to be named tine -- I got it, a little bit by magic -- but it is down. And I am supremely happy.

Quote of the day from email 09 18 09

"I just listened to the RIOTGOD cd for airplay at 89.7 WITR Henrietta and I must say without reservation, you guys really rock! This is every bit as good as your "other" band. Rest assured it will be going into our new bin with a very positive review."

Black Label Society JD Deservio joins Riotgod for one night

Jimmy Bags was called away from his bassist duties and considering that tonight is the FINALE for the 95.9 WRAT Jersey Rock SHOWCASE, the winner taking the prize of regular rotation airplay on this popular NJ rock station, we had to scramble to find a suitable player.

Enter JD DeServio, of Black Label Society and Cycle of Pain.

Bob had done him a solid by filling in on short notice for a few recent gigs and JD returns the favor for us tonight.

Last night was our only rehearsal and it went beyond smoothly.

So -- if you are in NJ -- come down tonight to Bar A ( see our gig announcement for details )

New review up at OrganArt.com!

This had ears nailed around here from the moment it hit the CD player. Whole finished ready to go album of righteous hard rock. Check out the whole article at http://www.organart.demon.co.uk/neworgan.htm