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time and temperature abused

It has been said, repeatedly, to me that I need to do this stuff more often. The "soft" work of reaching out to folks who love music, and hope they'll give us a listen. The old-school rock and roll aspirations went by the wayside, many years ago. Fantasy gave way to simple love of music and the dream to share our music in every way possible. "I'm a musician with a day job!", I said. I'll do promotion when there's something to promote. LOOK FAR was done in 2012, at the very same time that some stuff landed on my plate at the day job that made for a bit more work. With the exception of a couple solo spots, I never really got to playing out behind that record until 2013-2015 with Mikey B. (certainly not complaining...those gigs took us around and about and eventually to the MOVE Music fest. We had a great time, and who knows maybe Mike will be back sometime soon, but that's another story) Promotion? Ain't nobody got time for that. Not right now. Messed that up pretty good. Funny part is, knew it all the while. It's always something. Home studio work and the odd open mic appearance has kept the wheels greased this year past. Took most of the year off, though. KInd of disappeared. To like, everyone. Except work and home. Sorry about that. I suppose we all need to recharge, but it sort of just...happened. It's been a long cold winter, and with this Spring comes a return from hibernation. If you're one of those fans I see playing our music, visiting our social media and stuff...and I see you...just want to say thanks a whole lot. Thanks for digging our songs. Thank you, so very much. Love to do it. There's so much more to come. So, anyway, we have been looking forward to getting the chance to record again, get it out, and actually promote that record in a real 21st century kind of way. After assembling the demos at the home studio, and having the audacity to call it a project, some stuff has started to happen. Thanks to Carl U. for introducing me to to Larry T, excellent bass player. Larry is a deep soul and is very much into the new material. Meeting Larry thhe bass player inspired me to call Larry the drummer. After some tentative, but successful, work together - think we got something there. We're going to throw together a pile of old school rock and roll covers. Finding our groove. First gig will be July 1st at Bogey's in Queensbury. The album will be called "time and temperature abused". Tentatively slated to be a mix of about a dozen or so - new, and not so new - originals by Mike L and me, Mikey B and me, and some guys from Jersey. Some songs that I have wanted to record for what seems like my entire life. Not sure where we're going to make it yet. Definitely not going to try to do that ourselves. More to come. "time and temperature abused" is kind of a concept album. You don't hear much of that sort of thing anymore, and we'll we like it. So, hopefully you'll get to hear something new, real soon. Since hibernation is over, there are a whole bunch of phone calls and apologies in order. Off I go. And yes, off to work, practice, and think about promotion. All the best...cb

MOVE Music Festival 2015

Our set at MOVE Music Festival with be at BLUE 82 in Albany, NY Friday night, April 24th. We're looking forward to this opportunity to hang with a whole bunch of super talented local musicians. So many great artists here in Upstate NY. Looking forward to playing, hearing new music, seeing new bands and old friends next month in Albany. See you there!

Local 95. Hits 95.9

check out Jason Irwin's Local 95. 95 minutes of Local music from the 518 and the North Country. Sunday nights at 9. Thanks Jason for playing our acoustic version of "Never Got An Answer" on this week's acoustic local music show. Lots of fine local musicians featured every week on Local 95.

Local Radio!

Jason Irwin, local music fixture, singer, songwriter frontman, air personality and more....hosts LOCAL 95, every Sunday night at 9. on Glens Falls radio Hits 95.9! www.hits959.com. (so, you can hear his show ANYWHERE, bud...) The show is 95 minutes of great local music from our area. Jason has featured "Wear it thin", from our CD, LookFar. TONIGHT, Jason will be spinning an acoustic version of "Never got an answer", also from our CD, LookFar, in a more radio friendly edit length....we just made it for you, last week...so, listen and make plans to see us on FRIDAY night at Marketplace Steakhouse and More, in Bolton Landing! See you there...

Market Place will have us back!

After the controversy surrounding our last show at Market Place Steakhosue & More, we weren't sure they'd have us back. After all, we were only giving the lady directions to the loo...but, the nice young man in the green shirt stood up for us and told the manager it was all a misunderstanding. So, we got that going for us. Which is nice. Mike beagle has been up at Market Place a whole lot, lately. Between our gigs, and his performances with the much more professional "A World Apart", Mike is becoming sort of a fixture at the Steakhouse (& more...). Mike Beagle and I will grace the stage in the "rock room" once again on Friday September 26th. Only broke 3 strings last time on the 12 string. (had to break out the Casino after that) Hoping for a night of fun and debauchery! It'll only be funner, it YOU'RE there....love, Charlie

back August 29th...

Last week with Mike Beagle at Market Place Steakhouse and More, (up in beautiful Bolton Landing) was so much fun, we have to do it AGAIN. It appears we didn't offend anyone while we were having our fun, so Market Place is having us back on August 29th. Other day Mike let me know that we left out quite a few rock and roll nuggets of sonic joy. We'll have to fix that during our next visit. Last week I had a mushroom bacon burger with swiss. It was so good. Delicious buns at Market Place Steakhouse and More!...but, I digress. Food, Spirits and acoustic rock mayhem from me and Mike. More to come on this...see you then.

Saturday night. w/Mike Beagle.

Tomorrow night, I get to play with the best guitar player ever. Mike Beagle will lend his jolly licks to music from my CD, Look Far, some old original favorites, and some classic rock and roll nuggets which may leave you happily chortling to yourself. I promise. Market Place Steakhouse and More. Bolton Landing. 8-11pm. Rock on.

tonight, live at the Full Moon Bar and Grill...

opening for Blue Moon Harem tonight at the Full Moon Bar and Grill on Glen Lake Rd. live, acoustic. solo.

opening for Blue Moon Harem

Join me at the Full Moon Bar and Grill, on Glen Lake Road.I'll be opening for Boston's Blue Moon Harem. Songs from "Look Far" and more!

Take a Bite!

I'll be jamming at 132 Glen Bistro in Glens Falls for Take a Bite, Wednesday 8/14/2013! Come on out!