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A pastor with a dream:

I am a pastor of a great church with a dream. When I was just 24 years of age God showed me in a dream of me pastoring a mega church our church has grown to the full capacity three times since I've been here. I am certain and know that God is going to bring the fiances in His time to fulfill this dream in my life. We are purchasing 42.74 acres of property that is a complete miracle in itself because when I first went to this city of De Soto, IL it was told me that this property would never be available for purchase. The owner of the property assured me that the property would never be for sale it was a farm that was family owned and operated . But one day I was driving past the property and God told me to turn around and go back and ask the gentleman once again. So I drove down the lane and stepped out of my car and knocked on the gentleman’s door. He came to the door and understand I hadn't spoke to this man for years and the gentleman looked at me and said it's time, and I said it's time for what? He said it's time for me to sell you this piece of property. It was once again confirmation to me what God is fixing to do. I see great things ahead no I don't know how God is going to make it all happen but I ask you if you are reading this I ask you to please keep me and this ministry in your prayers. I pray God uses one of my songs to bring this all together. God bless you and Thanks for reading, God bless.