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Gerry Pearson / Blog

7th Year Anniversary @ Reverbnation

St Paddy's Day March 17th 2015 this will mark 7 years at Reverbnation! Many thanks to all the Supporters and musicians that have made this possible, you know who you are! just a quick list of some stats from the 7 years at Reverbnation. 69,360 Plays, 11,940 Fans after losing over 17000 Myspace Fans, 115,,228 Page Views, 22,414 Downloads all free, A Total Playlist of 319 Free Downloadable songs TOP 10 Songs Plays and Downloads 1. Jesus Just Left Chicago 3,299 plays 377 downloads 2. Little Red Rooster Updated* 1,285 plays 414 downloads 3.Everyday I have the Blues(Feat Michael Charles and His Band) 1,080 plays 231 downloads 4. All Your Love I Miss Loving Feat Hank Lionhart 1,055 plays 202 downloads 5. Aint Lost Nothing Feat Darrell Kitlitz 969 plays 408 downloads 6. I'm a King Bee 949 plays 330 downloads 7. Travelling South 858 plays 392 downloads 8. Sweet Home Chicago feat Dave Nobes 777 plays 136 downloads 9. I'm a Bad Boy (Unplugged) 710 plays 130 downloads 10. Rolling and Tumblin Feat Big Daddy and The Blueshounds 666 plays 165 down loads. Thank you everybody for your support helping keep live Blues Alive. Gerry Pearson

6th Year Anniversary @ Reverbnation!

St Paddy's Day weekend this will mark 6 years at Reverbnation! Many thanks to all the Supporters and musicians that have made this possible, you know who you are! just a quick list of some stats from the 6 years at Reverbnation. 66,890 Plays, 10,041 Fans after losing over 17000 Myspace Fans, 10,9,297 Page Views, 21,746 Downloads all free, TOP 10 Songs Plays and Downloads 1. Jesus Just Left Chicago 3,218 plays 368 downloads 2. Little Red Rooster Updated* 1,275 plays 412 downloads 3.Everyday I have the Blues(Feat Michael Charles and His Band) 1,071 plays 230 downloads 4. All Your Love I Miss Loving Feat Hank Lionhart 1,016 plays 196 downloads 5. Aint Lost Nothing Feat Darrell Kitlitz 961 plays 407 downloads 6. I'm a King Bee 902 plays 328 downloads 7. Travelling South 852 plays 391 downloads 8. Sweet Home Chicago feat Dave Nobes 773 plays 135 downloads 9. I'm a Bad Boy (Unplugged) 704 plays 129 downloads 10. Rolling and Tumblin Feat Big Daddy and The Blueshounds 658 plays 164 down loads.

Thank you everybody for your support helping keep live Blues Alive.

Gerry Pearson

5 year update

St Paddy's Day weekend this will mark 5 years at Reverbnation! Many thanks to all the Supporters and musicians that have made this possible, you know who you are! just a quick list of some stats from the 5 years at Reverbnation. Top Songs Jesus just left Chicago 3,161 plays 355 downloads Little Red Rooster (feat Paul Finn) 1,210 plays 390 downloads Everyday I have the Blues (feat Michael Charles and His Band) 1,025 plays 216 downloads All Your Love I Miss Loving (feat Hank Lionhart) 984 plays 182 downloads Aint Lost Nothing (Feat Darrell Kitlitz) 948 plays 400 downloads. 239 Songs posted for downloads 63,558 plays, 20,054 downloads, 22,127 fans, 103,795 visits and 441,373 banner and Widget impressions! Wow Thanks for Keeping Live Blues Alive !

Happy St Patricks Day!

Gerry Pearson

Part 2 Thanks to these artists whom I have Jammed with.

John Huston Guitar, Barry Mack Vocals/National Guitar, Willie Engel vocals/guitar, Dave Crawdad Canterra Vocals/Chromatic Harp, Johnny Tornado Steel Guitar/vocals/guitar, Sal Drums, Gord Matthews vocals/Guitar, Ken Skoreyko drums, Gord Macdonald Vocals/bass/guitar, Brian MacLeod guitar, Johnny Bone Drums, Ross Dalmude guitar, Chris T Guitar/vocals Mike Burrface Drums, Lonnie Hansen Bass, Tom Roschkov Guitar/Vocals, Christian Maslyk-guitar Justin Perkins- electric guitar Matt Harrison- bass guitar Jesse Gauthier-Drums, Joe Nolan Keys, Wayne Allchin Guitar, Bernie Kovalevski, drums, Maria Kazlova drums, Joey Mcintryre drums, John MacKenzie Vocals/Guitar, Lonnie Eschak Fiddle, Carolyn Wilhelm Vocals, Ken Jans drums, Rene Hines guitar vocals, Brent Mcnab Guitar, Matty Mackay Drums, Freddie Brown vocals/drums, James Marusiak Bass, Jordan Dempster drums, Darryl Scmidtt drums, Doug Bizz Guitar, Donna Lynn Drums, George Hauser Bass, Simon Bennet vocals/guitar, Laurie Rugg Drums, Doctor of The Blues Marshall Lawrence vocal/ Guitar Bob Smith Vocal/Harp, Lee Ropchan Bass Vocals, Blair drums, Bill Jackson Guitar/vocals, Rottn Dan Shinnan Vocals/ Harp, Dwyan Cannon guitar/vocals , James Nelson Guitar, Jeff Nelson drums, Darwin Fischer Bass, Kenny Roberts Guitar, Pascal Lecours Vocals/Guitar, Glenn Luff guitar, Kelly Stanton Guitar, Dune Nguyen Guitar/Bass, Bruce Hall Guitar/vocals, William Ryan Guitar/vox, Murray Schnieder keys, Bernie Schwarz Bass, John Estes Vocals, Colin McDonald Guitar/vocals, Warren Chan guitar, Rodney Jewell Guitar/Vocals Ron Graef Bass and Keith Gillard Drums,Leigh Friesen Vocals/Guitar

Hoping to jam again sometime in the near future!

Gerry Pearson

Part 1 Thanks to these artists whom I have jammed with

Ian McArthur Vocals/Guitar, Cel Peret Drums, Mike Plummer Bass, Michael Charles Vocals Guitar, Steve Hart Bass, Dave Hart Drums, Jeff Schonfield Guitar,Paul Finn Guitar, Fred Larose Bass, Andy Nikiforuk Keys, Caroline Spencer Sax, Steve Boddington Guitar, Real Fagnan guitar, Duane Smith Bass, Andy Nikiforuk Keys , Barry Furneaux Guitar, Graham Elliottt Drums, Tanya Kohlmeyer vocals, Bill Hobson Drums Lynn Wells Bass, Aaron (Gator) Shelemey Drums, Randy Forsberg Bass, Jim Dyck Vocals/Guitar, Shaun Cooney Guitar, Adrian Roddick Drums, Vanessa Roddick Bass, Darrel Kittlitz Guitar/Vocals, Lynne Chwyl Vocals, Dave Bridges Bass, Grant Stovel Drums, Jeff Lisk Drums, Jimmy Olsen Bass, John Goulet Guitar, Greg Russell percussions, Roger Renson Drums, Peter Smith Guitar, Alan Quilley Bass, Denis McNeely Keys, Glen Gray Vocals/guitar Martin Collins Guitar, Robert Fernandez Keys, Jared Sowan vocals/Bass, Kim Glanville Drums, Angela Mackenzie vocals, Brian Petch ripping Guitar, Uncle Bill Fuhrer Bass, Mary Thomas Vocals, Tracy Wells Vocals Dean Bruce Guitar, Denis Boisvert Bass, Joe Mathhews Drums, Barry Campbell Vocals/guitar, Dan Rowe Drums, Rich Stenson Bass, Frank Norbert Guitar, Barry Campbell Vocals/guitar, Dan Rowe Drums, Rich Stenson Bass, Frank Norbert Guitar/Bass, Rick Shott guitar, Ulf Johansson Bass , Ed Willis Drums, Uncle Wigglys Hot Shoes Blues Band Norm Piercy Bass / Vocals, Mark Comerford Guitar / Vocals, Brent Hutchinson Sax / Vocals, Dave Rowse Sax / Vocals ,Tyler Piercy Drums / Vocals, Rita McDade Vocals and Kevin McDade Guitar, Arnold Wilkinson Guitar, Raymond Wayne Bass, B Sobkowicz Drums, Simon King Bass/Guitar, Darren Shilton Guitar, Larry Travis Djembe, Marko Ibarra Drums, Trevor Newman Bass, Steve Kozak Vocals Guitar, Lyndsey Umrysh Drums, Andrew White Vocals and the Joint Chiefs, Ralph Pretz Guitar, Bassist Tupelo Steve, keys Don Jorgensen, Dean Pierno drums, Scott Ebner drums Neil Van Dyk bass, Derek Fettes Drums, Gary Zimmerman Bass, Guitar Marc Ladouceur vocals/guitar, Ben Todd Guitar/Flute/Vocals, Yugi Ihara Guitar/Bass, Greyhound Gregg Guitar, Jimmy Guiboche Vocals, Bass/Drums/Guitar, Blaine Doherty Guitar, Glen Harder Bass, Larry Kehl Keys, Ken Kirkwood Guitar, Denis Meneely Keys Duane Smith, Bill Hobson Drums, Lou Rye Vocals/guitar, Albert Joey Dimarco Drums, Glen Yorga bass, Greg Symbaluk Guitar, Stew Frank Bass, Bruce Shaw Keys, Graham Guest Keys, Texicus Wonderful Guitar, Mike Sadava Lap Steel, Jason Gardenits Keys, Francis Dryden Drums, Larry Shelast Drums, Sean Grieve Keys, Todd Ketza drums, Owen Smith Guitar, James Beaudry Guitar, Sheldon Smoke Guitar/Bass, Kyle Mosiuk Guitar, Kelly Pikula Drums , Trevor Bigham drums, Tony Smith Drums,

Huge Milestones!

Huge Milestones Thank you to Everyone Helping Keep Live Blues Alive, Over 99,000 Visits, 60,000 Plays, 18,000 Downloads and 20,000 Fans Thanks you all very much!

Gerry Pearson

Fourth Year Anniversary at Reverbnation!

As I approach my milestone birthday of 60 years young on April 11th this year all I can say is Thanks to everyone Fans, Artists fellow musicans and of Course ReverbNation for all your support in Keeping Live Blues Alive! After my unfortunate accident Feb 21stI have been remiss in my posting and playing of new tunes. I promise in late April that I will embark with renewed zeal my musical journey. Keep an eye and ear out for some new songs in the near future.

In the four years that I have been here I have seen many changes and most for the good of all! here are a few Stats

In the four years I have posted 389 Songs had 59,010 Plays and you have downloaded Free 17,195 songs! We now have 19,489 Fans who without them none of this would be possible. Lets Give all of them a standing Ovation!

Most Popular song to date Jesus Left Chicago at 2613 Plays

Thanks everyone for making my 4 year stay here so MUCH FUN!

Gerry Pearson

St Albert Gazette article Aug 13-11

Big Daddy has nothing to prove Saturday, Aug 13, 2011 06:00 am | By Anna Borowiecki | St. Albert Gazette Supplied photo This Saturday, Big Daddy and the Blueshounds will be bringing their blend of rock and blues to LB's Pub in St. Albert. The band features 'Big Daddy' Randy Forsberg on bass guitar, 'The Tone Master' Shaun Cooney on guitar, Gerry Pearson on harmonica, St. Albert legend Mark Ammar on drums and Jim Dyck on vocals and guitar. view all photos (1) The five musicians in Big Daddy and the Blueshounds have nothing to prove. With a total of about 200 years of experience, these veterans have done it all.

“I don’t like to date myself, but when it comes to the blues, you have to put in a few years before you get it right,” explains lead singer/guitarist Jim Dyck.

“The musicianship isn’t that hard. The structure of blues is simple — three chords. But there’s a lot of feel and soul and it’s also very fluid. There’s a lot of listening involved. Everybody has to listen and respond, and that takes experience.”

The fivesome is not afraid to drip a bit of sweat during a gig if it means taking the music where it needs to go. And the quintet plans to raise the temperature tonight at LB’s Pub for one of their rare local gigs.

“We’re solid. We’re like five pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that got plugged into together and they fit.”

The Blueshounds were actually pulled together about 18 months ago after Dyck, bassist Randy Forsberg, harmonica player Gerry Pearson and guitarist Shaun Cooney came on their own to check out drummer Mark Ammar’s renowned open jams.

“We all hit it off because our musical styles are similar. Most blues bands play the traditional Chicago blues that originated from gospel. The Blueshounds sound more like the British blues of the ’60s. It’s more of a rock ’n’ roll blues than the traditional blues.”

Dyck goes on to expand on the different musical styles. “Bands like the Rolling Stones heard the traditional blues and gave it their own twist and it caught on. It was picked up by John Mayall, Eric Clapton, the Animals, the Yardbirds and a bunch of others.”

Tonight, the band has planned four sets of blues funk with an almost jazzy feel — tunes such as Chuck Berry’s Nadine, Delbert McClinton’s I Need to Know and Fleetwood Mac’s Watch Out.

But it’s the band’s instantaneous chemistry that fuels an unstoppable energy, and each musician makes an invaluable contribution. Pearson, the band’s historian with one of the largest record collections in the area, creates a rootsy feel with his harmonica.

Forsberg, one of the busiest bassists around, has honed his skills providing support for the likes of Bo Diddley. “He is one of the most skilled musicians around. He does all sorts of funky runs that don’t clutter up the music.”

With Cooney, fellow musicians always run up to him after a set eager to know how the tone master plays a certain chord. “It’s magic how he gets the guitar to sing.”

And last, but not least, Dyck lauds Ammar’s sensitive ear, rhythm and perfect timing.

“The blues draw people in with emotion and passion. It’s like soul music. It gets to you.”

Although the Blueshounds have no recordings available, Pearson tapes their live performances and uploads them onto www.reverbnation.com/gerrypearson.

Their show starts at 9:30 p.m. No cover charge.

Comments Gerry Pearson said: A big Thank you to Anna Borowiecki and the St Albert Gazette for the solid support that it gives the community with regards to the arts. Anna.....St Albert owes you immensely for your truly informative and interesting articles that you write all I can say is thank you very much as we all appreciate your literary talent.

Milestone Thank You

Thank You all very much for your continuing support. We have hit three Milestones, they are over 55,000 visits,plays and 15,000 downloads Thank You. A new Song for your Listening Pleasure Third Degree feat Jim Dyck on vocals and middle guitar solo, Shaun Cooney on opening solo and final guitar solo, Gerry Pearson on harmonica, Joey on drums, Humbert on bass Live at Rusty Reed's HOB June 28th. , . Enjoy Free Down Loads Gerry

Hey Blues Brothers!!

There seems to be a disturbing new pattern where artists find a need to change their genres in order to get better chart positions. It behooves me that someone would do this as it is disrespectful of those who strive to maintain a genre and also of themselves because their music has no real place in the genre that they have changed to. All I want to do is Keep Live Blues Alive nothing else and hope that those overseers of reverbnation actually check out theses new blues artists and put them in their rightful genre, whether it be in their roots or some true form of their artistry. Take a good look at the Global Blues Chart listen to the artists and their music YOU be the Judge obviously Reverbnation doesn't want to be involved but artists and fans can. Comment if you want to.

Dawn In The City
Dawn In The City  (over 4 years ago)

Hey Gerry...

very valid post you raised, we (Dawn In The City)a true blue R&B/Soul/Funk band is up against street punk hip hop that calls it self R&B???? I agree reverbnation should have a little more control over what the artists are doing but we all know its the persons responsibilty to be correct in their genre selection.

on another note, great to hear Mr. Jim Dyck playing with you. i had the opportunity to jam with jim when he first moved to St. Albert. Classy guy with great skills!!!

All the best with your reverb success

William Gold
Dawn In The City

Jeff Todd Band
Jeff Todd Band  (over 4 years ago)

Hey Gerry, what u said is true, it means something different to the different artist, they should work on making them selves better, not appear better that they really are, we all experance the same hardships in this business, i hate fakes, myself i have worked hard for little bit i acclomplished and i'm proud of it, but it takes hard work to keep u'r name, u'r music out there and hard work against the other top artist who's in u'r genre, i love seeing the same group in the top 50 in Blues, that means were all real close on being the top in our own areas, now thats working hard, it's also good so see some new bluesman comming up to help keep the Blues Alive, jeff todd

Brigid Mhairi
Brigid Mhairi  (over 4 years ago)

I sometimes think about changing my genre because, although I do blues mostly in public, I am also a pop, R&B and folk singer. Wish I could have them all! LOL! Maybe people also change their style over time and maybe they made a mistake in the first place.

I don't bother with placing too much because it doesn't change who I am or how much I enjoy music. Reverbnation and places like YouTube are great for meeting people like me online and that is the most important thing, I think. Love-love, B

The Budrows
The Budrows  (over 4 years ago)

It's too bad that there is not a genre for "100% Foot Stompin' Cigar Box Rock n' Roll".