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Classified Status pushed back,n ew mixtape and release date

I have decided to push back my album release date, again pending further features and material. Instead, I'm exchanging that for a new mixtape for the 31st called "HallowThirtyThree Madness EP", slated for 6-8 songs with new features and the same affiliates making guest appearances.


The "Mr. Unknown" is steadily working on his debut album "Classified Status", which was slated for this summer, is likely to be pushed back to September or October. With 10 tracks completed, Blaze is looking to get more features from acquaintences and focus on putting out a well rounded, but an original piece of art. CLASSIFIED STATUS will shed light on undoubted skill with unorthodox lyric weaponry. With underground featured from Slic Vic, Mike G. And Loki Niles, and top notch production from Severe, Sinima, and Raymond A., under the radar muzik will not be hidden forever!! Area33 is invading your radius