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COMING SOON! September 13, 2011 Posted by binos | 0 Comments Colin will be having a weekly blog to share with the world about once a month. Yes, you read that right. Case in point, we lost colin two weeks ago during a game of hide and go seek extreme. Turns out Colin has u.s.a.d. (unbelievably short attention disorder) If anybody in the eastern corridor of the united states see's a very unthreatening hippie looking for his phone, that's probably him. He's a great guy for the most part, but don't take it to heart, he will have no idea who you are by the time he gets back from the bathroom. He will almost immediately start rummaging through your freezer on the hunt for pizza rolls.BE CAREFUL: Keep him fed and show him to the t.v. and you'll have a roommate. It would be great if you could just put him on a train and send him back to fort myers FL.