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Hey, everyone. I just wanted to take the time to thank all of you who made it out to our show with Treephort on Saturday. The show was a rousing success, and we couldn't have been more pleased.

If you missed it, well, here's a few key experiences you could have been a part of:

*I ate cheesecake on stage, spilling chocolate syrup on my guitar

*I made jokes about football and no one understood them (they were watching football)

*one of the nice lads from Treephort lit his penis on fire (safely)

Anyhow, our next show is November 26th at Swayze's in Marietta, GA. We're playing with Treephort again, as well as a slew of other young and talented bands. The show is $10 and all ages.

Also, we're playing at The Drunken Unicorn on December 28th with our good friend Jesse Astin and his band Like Clockwork. More information soon.

"Dreamer" and "Sweet" have finally made their Facebook debut. You can stream both songs directly from our Facebook page.

I'm hungry now.

See you soon, friends and lovers.