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New Interviews!

Good News Everyone...We will be shooting interviews with Kevin Fowler and Robert Stowell next week.....To get updates on when these are posted, go to our website and enter you email in the "subscribe" box on the right and we'll let you know when things are posted!

All Access Texas Music News

Attention Bands! We are going to be doing Texas Music News Broadcasts every two weeks. The video will air on our website, reverbnation page, and here on facebook. If you have any news that you would like us to share in the broadcast Album release, contests, etc. Inbox me or email me at garthlagrone@hotmail.com....Fans get ready for All Access Texas Music News!

Trust Nobody

Well....as it goes in the Music Biz...I got screwed...All the footage shot of Scott Copeland and Heath Webb by William Johnson of RogueTV.net was horrible at best....he walked away with my money, and I walked away with an empty hand(heads up to all artists out there)...So...moving forward...As I find other creative ways to fund the project, it will move forward. I am still excited to show everyone my idea in finished form....till next time.


We are now finished shooting the first DVD, and into editing....what a process....It is gonna be an awesome DVD. I can't wait for you all to see it!

Ft. Worth

The Taping/Live feed at Lola's Saloon in Ft. Worth went great. We interviewed and filmed Scott Copeland and Heath Webb. Cody Jinks, Jon Wallace, and Josh Thompson from the Cody Jinks band came out. Brandin Lea from flickerstick was there and let me interview him. Roger Ray from Jason Boland's band was in the house. Also, had Toadies lead singer Todd Lewis hangin' out. Was a really fun night and I would like to thank Brian and Brendan Forella for letting us take over the bar!