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The Drexels 10th Anniversary Show

The Drexels will be performing in celebration of their 10th Anniversary at Coda in Tremont. On the bill for the evening Morticia's Chair, Dutch Babies. Doors 8pm, Show 9pm, Cover $7

The Drexels Previous Shows

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Track Listing & Title of CD

The track listing for debut CD titled The Drexels: Turning Stone

All Songs & Lyrics Bobby J © 2012 Rubyspeak Publishing BMI (*Except "Betting Man Gold by Billy Spear)

1. Jack Rabbit 2. Turning Stone 3. Chasing Mephistopheles 4. Another Broken Hero 5. Breath of Life 6. Betting Man Gold 7. Heaven Shot 8. Two Hearts 9. God's Comedy 10. Magneto's Dream

Debut CD

We are currently in studio and working hard to wrap up our debut CD which we hope to have out by Spring 2012!!