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Getting Amped!

Hello Friends! The Famous Sports Bar and Grill Show is just one night away. It's been awhile since we've had a show like this one. When the anticipation is so thick you can slice it and butter your bagel with it. Mmmmm, bagels... It really pays off when you have the time to really plan and promote a show. We hope you all are feeling just as excited as we are! See you there!

UPDATE ON THE EP: Unfortunately it doesn't look like we will reach our September release goal. :*( The production of the recording has had some delays setting us back a bit. Hey but we are going to reward your patience by giving you 1 more track for your listening pleasure. All we ask is that you hang in there for a couple more months. You can look forward to a Very Merry Holiday Holliday EP Release party to stuff your stockings with this December!

s -Eddie (Holliday)