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UniquilibriuM Publishing Presents - The FREE-Style w/ EmPowerUs Records

EpiGenetic Records - UniquilibriuM Publishing (ASCAP) EmpowerUs Records Sessions are amazing this May ***New LIVE freestyle tracks from the guitar and vocal duet Donald Dias & Hakeem Alexander!!! May 2nd & 3rd - 1st 12- songs in player: A Goshulak-Strathern-Moran Production in association with AssBurger Films*** ***1-10-2012 thru 1-17-2012: 12 new LIVE acoustic and vocal SOLO field-recordings added by Hakeem Alexander! Just click on the "SONGS" tab to listen starting with "Always Faithful" in the player below.***

Always Faithful featured on KarmaCaffe's Spiritual Hour

The show that I was on today was called "How to be a renaissance man or woman in today's environment".

Hakeem Alexander--certified hynotherapist, accomplished musician, talented songwriter, Capoiera instructor, fitness, nutrition and health advisor, writer, personal trainer, and more!


The 12 Songs of Catharsis

I thought that was just an interesting play on the holiday. I surely do have 12 new acoustic songs in the player since the end of January 2012!

I have at least 12 more plus 5 brand new ones on the way. Stay tuned as I increase my live recording and songwriting skills.

9 New LIVE acoustic songs!!!

"HAunted", "Killing Machine", "Bats", "Psyche", "Panacea" (Acts I & II) "I Do", "Please Tell" and "Autumn" have all been recorded LIVE in less than one week (1-10-2012 thru 1-16-2012) in several locations and are now available as FREE streaming audio on www.ReverbNation.com/redcoin or www.AcrimoniuM.com .