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The Vega-Mifflin Band / Blog

FanDistro share music and benefit charities!

Hey everyone! We just signed up for this new site where our fans can share our music and help a charity at the same time. 20% of any sales that come through your post will go to a charity that you choose. You can choose from any of the charities already registered, suggest a charity to be registered and benefit from your activities, or claim the 20% of sales to go to yourself. Our default charity is The Trevor Project. If no selection is made 20% of your sales activity will automatically go to this special charity. You can learn more about The Trevor Project by visiting their web page at http://www.thetrevorproject.org. Visit our “Those Days Are Gone” Distro page at http://fandistro.com/track/?grp=846953 or our “A Moment” Distro page http://fandistro.com/track/?grp=846962. Log in and click either the Facebook, twitter or G+ icon next to a track that you want to share. Type in your message and post. When someone clicks through your Distro (post) and buys a song or album 20% of the sale will go to the charity that you choose. Log in, listen and share some great music and help a charity (or yourself) all at the same time. A great way to involve your friends in an effort to raise money and share our great music. And remember…all of this also helps your favorite charity…keeping us in beer money!

Michael Martin Murphey Cosmic Cowboy Dance Hall Tour

Had the pleasure of attending Michael Murphey's Cosmic Cowboy Dance Hall Tour at The Firehouse Saloon in Houston last night. There was no promotion for the show at all, and I only discovered he was performing that morning. I debated whether to attend at all. I was a huge Murph fan back in the 70's; he was my performer of choice those years. I've not been a big fan of any of his Cowboy music over the last couple of decades and was concerned this show would focus heavily on that material, but one line I saw mentioned he was revisiting his cosmic cowboy earlier material. I decided to give it a shot.

I'm so glad I did. This was a trip back to the 70's and the music I loved so much. A great selection of tunes...Geronimo's Cadillac, Backsliders Wine, Boy From The Country, Cosmic Cowboy, Honolulu, Carolina In The Pines, Wildfire, Medicine Man, Blue Sky Riding Song, Cherokee Fiddle...the list went on. The only "cowboy" songs he performed were two by Marty Robbins, and one of those, "El Paso," was an amazing show highlight.

The band was top notch, including son Ryan Murphey, legendary guitar player Pat Flynn, and original cosmic cowboy sessions steel guitar player Herb Pederson. Murph spoke about plans in the work for a Cosmic Cowboy tour in the near future with the original session band from that masterpiece album including Pederson, Gary P. Nunn and Rob Livingston.

With no promotion for the show the crowd only numbered 30 people...an incredible intimate "private" show! Don't suffer the same fate that Houston music fans suffered...you owe it to yourself not to miss this tour if it comes to your town. The tour stops at Gruene Hall in historic Gruene, Texas Saturday night. Check for tour updates on Murph's website...michaelmartinmurphey.com. You won't be disappointed.

Green Bracelet

A coworker turned me on to this group he knows about....Green Bracelet. I listened to their music here today and was blown away. From the very beginning of "Need" and all the way through I was hooked. Actually, I was jealous. Great music and original incredible lyrics. Man, how I wish I had written those lyrics. I like groups that aren't concerned with trying to tap into the mainstream trends. Let's face it, alternative is no longer "alternative." It's mainstream, capitalized music in much the same way country is no longer "country." Green Bracelet doesn't seem to worry about sounding like a Coldplay/Tool crossbreed; they simply put out straightforward rock and roll. Do yourself a favor and check out their music. I know I'll be following Green Bracelet for a good while now. Looking forward to new music from them. By the way guys, Ken says "hello,"

Neils' Treasure

Neil Young released "A Treasure" last week. The CD is comprised of older songs but it is still a must have for any Neil Young, serious or otherwise. This is Neil at his country best...not pseudo-country like "Old Ways" but true country.

The CD finally provides the official release of "Amber Jean." The song has been around since the 80's but only in bootleg versions. The version here is from the Austin City Limits show he performed with The International Harvesters. All of these songs have been floating around on bootlegs for decades but hearing these finished and professionally produced recordings provides all the excitement and enjoyment of hearing them for the first time.

A personal favorite of ours is "Southern Pacific." What was a bone jarring rocker that progressed with the power of a locomotive on "Reactor" is reworked here into a country rocker jewel. An added bonus is this version includes the long missing second verse.

This is a must have for any fan Neil Young or country music.

"Dick" Perry - Flip, Flop, Flip Flop

Okay, so let me see if I can follow the logic. The other day Texas Governor Rick Perry vetoed a bill sent to his desk from the Texas legislature. The bill would have made it illegal to text while driving anywhere in the state of Texas. First of all, I'm surprised Perry was at his desk to veto the bill with all the travelling to promote himself these days. Recently, you're more likely to find a Baptist supporting same sex marriage than Perry in Texas...but I digress.

Perry vetoed the bill because he saw it as "a government effort to micromanage the behavior of adults." Let me see if I get this...forbidding people to text while driving is a government intrusion on adult behavior? Following that logic one would believe that Perry is a champion for human rights and an opponent of government mandating control over individuals. Ah, if only that were the case.

Rick Perry has fought to block any attempts to allow same sex marriage in the state of Texas, suggesting same sex marriage would depress economic growth in the state (he failed to elaborate on exactly how). He has even suggested that if there is a state that with more lenient views about same sex marriage that gays should perhaps move there. So the government won't create laws that protect innocent people from someone typing on a hand held device while careening down the interstate at 85 miles an hour but by god, they're going to tell you who you cannot love.

Rick Perry also spearheaded a campaign that he managed to push into law that requires a doctor giving a woman an abortion to give her a sonogram before the procedure and quizzing her as to whether she would like to see the fetus. Clearly that is not government attempting to micromanage the lives or behaviors of adults, now is it?

Perhaps the ultimate example of the Perry contradiction are his efforts to push his religion on the citizens of not only Texas but the nation (if he ends up running for president). Perry says that there is a place for religion to have a say in government and it is extreme to say to laws should not be inspired by religion. Perry never misses an opportunity to force national days of prayers on citizens of any (or no) faith.

So someone please help me understand the logical extension of Perry's embraces of government regulation on people's lives (telling us who we cannot love, forcing us to go through an unneeded medical procedure as a requirement for another procedure,attempting to convert us to his religion and trying to ram it down our throats)to his decision to veto the texting while driving law because it is an attempt by the government to micromanage our lives. This is the man that many say is positioning himself for a presidential bid? That's a frightening thought. This is a Bush clone that is even more arrogant and mean spirited than old "W," if that is even possible.

I am provided some glimpse of hope by a recent news poll that shows Texas Republicans are more likely to vote for Mitt Romney or Sarah Palin than their own Rick Perry. Maybe those who live here are now familiar with Perry. We've put up with his embarrassing remarks all these years because we know the governor of Texas is really nothing more than a figure head. His powers are rather limited. There is danger in him becoming president, and thankfully it looks like his political party in his own state understands that. While I do not support Perry in the least for president I am 100% supportive of the "Rick Perry for Ex-governor" movement.