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Ready to release She Prayed

Well, it looks like I am feeling comfortable enough with the work I did on She Prayed to make it go public on a larger scale. Would love to hear that on a radio some day, or get a call at (916) 226-0009 that someone has a real interest in helping me be a product, and putting the pieces together and selling that product, me. Actually, I am trying to do it myself, but it takes time. I finally have found a place to live, and I am still window cleaning around town to make ends meet, it is just going to take longer. Next thinking is maybe I can just put some faith in things, and do as my own song says and meditate and pray on it. I will welcome any help to accelerate the process, and as much as I want to be able to say I did this, I think I can be happy to say, I created this, and perform this, and got help along the way, and be able to thank you for your help.

Speaking of which, I know I am new here, and I bet not many people go around reading other peoples blogs as we are all pretty self absorbed in our own little social media worlds, but if you are from the Northern California area, let me know if you know a great place with open mics that I should check out, and send me the details at my email. garrygeer (at) g mail dot com. Thanks. Sincerely, Garry Michael Geer

8:41 pm - 9:13pm 4/18/2012

Not sure if I have to put the date up here, but here I go anyway. Today is 4/18/2012 and this is my first Blog on Reverbnation. Where to begin? Well for starters, I have been through so many different searches in my life and three of those searches were life, love, and understanding. She Prayed was my first song ever recorded by me 2011, with me playing all the instruments, in memory of my mother Twyla Geer. One of the greatest and prettiest female artists unknown in our time, my mother is missed by all who knew her. The lyrics to She Prayed have parts from a letter, and song she wrote in love to God, and was passed down to me, and I share them with you. I should have titled She Prayed “Momma’s Boy” but I figure it could be the whole premise behind this Demo stuff, of what I am all about. Took some soul searching, trust me. So maybe we could call the Demo…Momma’s Boy, and leave it at that.  Shining Star was the last song my mother heard the day before she left on 2/14/2003, and she said “that song will be a hit someday,” I am still trying to honor her in that. Plus I like playing for people. Shinning Star already is a hit in many of my friends and family’s hearts and it just took me a while to realize. To realize just how special one of my songs actually could be to my family, and friends who knew us. So I had some years of reflections, mourning, walking with God, with my demons, with confusion, and in all that time there were all these thoughts of what it was like growing up and how did I get here and what is to become of all of this. See I grew up with a mother who had a son at 16 and my real father split on us. Mother being a waitress at such a young age, at coffee shops, A&W, little places like that made me realize how hard it was for my her to raise me, and my sister and brother on her own at times. Little Girl of 23 three was a reflection of the story of how a woman is left with child feeling like it is all a dream, and what is she going to do. Like a queen without a king is what Little Girl of 23 is all about. Maiden Fair Thee Well, let’s just put it this way…it’s been a long road. I actually use to sing this by campfires for many passing people at events that I use to attend all over California. Just one of those things you have to think about. What do I mean? Picture a campfire, late at night, been camping for days, meeting plenty of girls, but never enough ladies. Me sitting by a campfire with cowboy hat down, thinking finally its night, no one is listening, and quietly picking away at my guitar and I start to sing. After the song has ended, people are around me asking for another song at that point. Was definitely some good times missed and never forgotten.

I have to clean some windows early early, so good night, and hopefully I will keep coming back to reverbnation. And just to keep with them, to my Maiden Fair Thee Well.

Sincerely, Garry Michael Geer 9:13 PM 4/18/2012