The Personality of Profesionalz

Personality means everything when it comes to any kind of art if you ask me. That's what interest me when it comes to art is knowing and wanting to understand others point of view, the way they see things. As PROFESIONALZ I try to make sure our group's personality continue to grow over time. With every performance, every song written, every moment we spend together helps develop our personality as a group. Fortunately the members involved with both HEADLINE ENTERTAINMENT and PROFESIONALZ have known each other a long time. The personality of this group speaks for itself, we feed off one another as it should be in a group. The personality of I BLAKKBONE have the capability of doing extraordinary things in this business and I vow to do so. It speaks alot about my personality, I've worked to long not to know this business and not be able to handle the grind it brings. I love what I do to much to give up now, music is a part of me and always will be. Therefore that I will share with you all, my art will be heard. Music is a part of me and with it, I can create a form of art that to some can seem like magic. I am BLAKKBONE from the PROFESIONALZ, I am now here on REVERBNATION because I demand to be heard. No longer will my creative expression on life be held captive for none to feel. Its time for me "BLAKKBONE" to expose my unique and creative artistic abilities for they are why they were given......PS BLAKKBONE

First Mission: Take San Diego By Storm

Tired of seeing and hearing the same kind of rap in San Diego, everyone striving to be or sound like someone else. I am blakkbone, I am me, thats all I want to be. I strive to be me so that when I express myself, it is in my own way that defines me and me only. Striving to be me adds a since of creativity that is natural within and demands to be expressed so that my outlook on life can be enjoyed by those that seek the unique in others. I blakkbone seek the unique in others when searching for good sounding music. No matter what genre it is if it is unique and expressed correctly where the passion in it can be felt from within I usually end up a fan. San Diego has a whole lot of talent that is usually underground, usually the underground music has alot of passion in it when listening to the unique artist. San Diego has alot of unique artist but deep underground. My duty is to change that, my duty as an artist with the "Profesionalz" I want my hometown to be well on the map for the hot bed of talent it truly is, all the way from rap to R&B, latin sound, jazz, rock, and pop. I will break the doors open if not I will be there when it happens, I roll with the "Profesionalz" and Headline Entertainment, People I known all my life, we know each other well and been doing this all our lives we will not fail everyone will know who we are.