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Mobile, ALABAMA!

We love where we're from. Mobile Alabama is full of old and new culture and secrets down every one-way street. The music culture has especially been growing and prospering in this area in the last couple of years. Recently, an ordinance was passed to limit 18-20 yr olds from entering bars/venues where alcohol is primarily sold. This means people who can legally vote and serve our country cannot go see a band. Since most of us grew up going to places like the Alabama Music Box or The Blind Mule (the main venues where Underhill plays now) to see local bands or find out about new bands from out of town, we understand how much it well... SUCKS to be deprived of that. The people of Mobile's music scene are fighting back. The Alabama Music Box held a local show where all proceeds went to legal expenses to fight for 18-20 yr old rights. We attended City Council meetings and passed out petitions. If any fans out there have anything to say on the subject, you should exercise your right to vote and vote for anyone running AGAINST William Carroll. Also, feel free to write to your City Council about your stance on this. Or write Underhill! We will be happy to be your voice.