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back to nashville

spent 5 days at Steve Earle songwriting camp, it was a blast. been spending time in New Jersey and visited Manhattan . heading back to Nashville

looking forward to a great summer

well I''m heading back to nashville for the summer and this year I am going to Steve Earle's songcamp in New York. I met him and Shawn colvin a bit ago and they were nice enough to let me and my girlfriend get a picture of them. I took the coursera songwriting course learning from a Berkley school of music class, was very hard but learned some things.

back to seattle

about that time of the summer when I have to go back to seattle to work and play in my two bands. will miss you nashville but I'll be back in june.

weird americana

I played at Douglas Corner last night for the first time and decided to just play a couple of my weird songs and it seemed to go over rather well. Also it doesn't hurt if you are tearing it up on the harmonica.

playin out

playing out more this year, did the blue bird cafe for the first time and doing douglas corner tonight.trying to meet a co-writer or two

nashville 2012/aug

just played my first writers round at the Commodore grille. It was rather nerve racking. Been doing one on one song coaching with songwriter Rick Beresford thats been helpful .

nashville 2012

getting ready to head on back to Nashville for the summer, gonna play out and try to meet some songwriters to work with


working on new material, learning how to pick an acoustic guitar. working on my first "upbeat positive " country song that doesn't feel like a normal country song.


just got to nashville and its a little warm here. going to start re-writing some of my older songs and finishing some new ones and hopefully watching a lot of other singer songwriters here in town. and if lucky enough find some people to co-write with. check out my first co-write called "searching for answers I gotta find" words by stephen lindsey and music by me. I thought it came out pretty good and I've not met stephen yet. also another co-write I did with words by mark rahner who writes the "rotten" comic book series about zombies in the west in the 1800s. this song is not country at all, its kind of alt-rock and I did all the music for this also.