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Sugar Free Woogie has come back from a psychedelic trip to the desert. We spent two years out in the wilderness eating rattle snakes and bearded lizards. It took us a while to go from Seattle to New Mexico. I think our bassist actually ended up in Guatemala. Somehow we regained focus in February 2013 and are now creating songs again. Steven Ingalls now plays guitar for us and we have a lot of videos we are going to release on Youtube. www.Facebook.com/SugarFreeWoogie

Sugar Free Woogie

Setting up shows for August and September 2011. We are in the process off writing / recording our first album. If you want us to open for you band, please contact us. We will play for money, beer or party favors. We are rock and roll. SugarFreeWoogie@gmail.com Stay classy world.