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Madison Square Garden!

Help us win this contest! All you have to do is become one of our supporters on the contest profile by entering your name and email on the right at the link. Then to add buzz you can tweet about us, become a fan on Facebook, add comments of our contest page, etc...Thank you! We would love to have a chance to play Madison Square Garden. We won last years battle, so lets do it again. http://www.playcrossroads.com/u/TheLaurenWolfBand

House of Blues

Hello friends! My band and I would LOVE to see you at our show on December 27th at The House of Blues. It is our biggest show so far and we want to PACK this place. Please share in this special night with us. You can get tickets directly from the band or If you can't pick them up from us in person, you can also snag them online now! Go to http://concerts.livenation.com/event/040049778F572C19?dma_id=324, enter your ticket quantity next to The Lauren Wolf Band, the code is Wolf and then click Find Tickets to proceed. NOW we are adding an after show/party with pre-sales tix. We will announce soon where the location is and with a Lauren Wolf Band ticket stub to the show it will be FREE

The New Year is turning out to be quite good!

Hello and Happy New Year! 2012 is starting off with a great start and looks like things are just going to keep going! We are not going to complain about that. Started off the year with GooseIsland Wrigley. First show where we started off serving #BoozeBalls! Yes, #BoozeBalls You want to know what they are? They are alcohol infused desserts of pure yumminess and we give them away now at every show!! Then we were lucky enough to open for the fantastically talented band, Stellar Road at Cubby Bear. What a great night that was! Love working there. Then to top off the whole month of January, we opened for singer/songwriter, Jess Godwin at Mayne Stage in Chicago. This was truly a special and spectacular evening. Musicians: You need to play there! Fans: Please go enjoy a show there. Beautiful! Lauren also was interviewed via skype on an internet radio station in IRELAND! That was way cool!

Looking toward February and we are looking at our BIGGEST show yet. We will be headlining The Abbey Pub in Chicago on Saturday Feb 11th. Opening for us will be 2 wonderful artists. The Puffins and Michelle McGuire. Rounding out February are a few more shows that have not quite officially been announced but we will share with you :) The Band will return to The Original Mother's on Feb 16th! Going back to the venue where we had our CD release party means so much. Then there is a possibility that Patrick (guitar) and Lauren will be doing their first acoustic show, but that is still in the works...so shhhh!!! Last but not least...unannounced is that we will be playing on the morning show "This Morning and Me" on WCIU.. TBA. But it will be in February.

Thanks to all our friends, family, and FANS who are helping make our journey so fun!

The Lauren Wolf Band

The Lauren Wolf Band wants to know what you are doing for the Holidays?

So, we have decided to take the month of December off to focus on writing and get ready for our shows in January. While it is nice to have some time off, we have to admit that we already miss being out there and performing. Doing what we love to do. While the thought was for a break, things have never been busier. Booking for shows, promoting, and writing has made time off seem busier than when we were out doing the shows. This business is non-stop and it can become overwhelming at times. This might sound cheesy and cliche but the thing that keeps us going is truly the music and the thought of sharing that with our audience. On that "note", The Lauren Wolf Band wants to thank you all for your support in 2011 and looks forward to growing with you in 2012. So many great things to look forward to this year! What is everyone doing for the holiday and for New Years Eve? Maybe we will meet you there. Let us know! Much love,

The Lauren Wolf Band

Excited for the New Year and some new music in 2012!

Hello from The Lauren Wolf Band...so grateful for the wonderful year that 2011 has brought us. Thank you to all of you fans who came to our shows, bought "All My Secrets", and all of you supporters. It has been a good ride so far, but we expect even bigger and better in 2012! We have already starting working on a couple new songs which we hope to debut within the next two shows. Don't miss our next upcoming show which is Saturday, January 7th at GooseIsland Wrigleyville. We go on promptly at 11:00 but there are THREE other cool bands playing with us that night. All for $8! Please mention "Lauren Wolf" when you enter so they know who you are there to see. Who knows, if you attend, you might get to hear a new song that NO ONE has ever heard before. Don't forget our best advertising is FREE and that starts with our friends, family, and fans all spreading the word one by one. That is the truth peeps :) Well, thanks again for sharing 2011 with us and we truly look forward to an exciting 2012. The Lauren Wolf Band