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New album out 9/2014!

The new album "Liebe & andere Katastrophen" ("Love & other disasters") will be out in September 2014! Ten new songs full of jellypop!

Look forward to new Jelly stuff!

After the release of our album "Past Forward", Jellynoise continues as a duo, consisting of Björn & Jannes who wrote the songs for the album. So Jellynoise will again be represented by its original band members who had also founded the project "Rauschlabor". At the moment your Jellys are working on our coming song called "Pretty And Young". Look forward to hearing more Jelly stuff here!

Cheers, Björn & Jannes

New album out now!

Hey everybody! After an exciting time we spent writing songs and recording all the stuff for the new album we’ve finally completetd our work for this year. The result is a melange of 80s style, modern pop elements and a portion of drama and emotion. In short, it’s all about jelly style! We want to share this with you and would invite you to enjoy our piece of jellypop! Furthermore, we wish you a nice christmas time! Best regards, Björn, Anna-Leke & Jannes

New album coming soon!

Hey everybody outside! We’ve almost finished the recordings for our forthcoming album. We’re looking forward to mixing the stuff and at the end of the year our album will be released. Also check out our links to Facebook, MySpace and myownmusic.de! Björn, Anna-Leke & Jannes