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D1g1t5' Fun Fact.... HOw I Lost My Two Front Teeth!!!

"So when I was very young, probably around five or six... Somewhere around there. Well I used to play with my sister's barbie dolls in a sexual way. touching the parts I wasn't supposed to... so anyway, one night my friend Kenny is staying the night and We've played video games, eatin' pizza, watched a movie gone out amongst the apartments and caused some mischief. YOu know, Kid shit.

So now it's late and I'm young. I'm fuckin' tired. Lights out, bed time. I'm on the top bunk he's on the bottom, I'm way passed half asleep when I hear... "psss. you awake? pssssss. You up??" I roll over and before I can even utter a syllable, or even try to grasp the situation. He shoves Barbies titts right in my face. Hard! so hard, he bust my two front teeth out. I'm screamin' there's blood gushin' everywhere. my mom comes rushin' in.......

I mean he pretty much cheap shot me in the middle of the night with some barbie titties. ehh, oh well. at least I got to see the tooth fairy's titties and I have this kick ass story to tell you.

well that's how it happened family. ask my momma you think I'm bullshittin'.

much love stay True. -D1g1t5- bet

D1g1t5' 5 Favorite Foods.....

1) I Love pizza. I have ever since I was a kid. his school pizza was the shit. I remember they used to get it from my favorite pizza joint, 5dollar pizzas.

2)Lasagna. I must've been Italian in a past life, if you believe in that sort of thing but, I digress. I like it with some toasted cheesy garlic bread some veggies, a beer or some wine. nice.

3) I really love an old fashioned cheeseburger and some fries. nothing better.

4) Fruit and veggies. I love fruits and vegetables. the way they taste, they way they make me feel. oh yeah. I was a weird kid. I loved carrots and broccoli.

5) Tacos or Burritos from the taco trucks in L.A. or Hollywood. F**K... I just remembered HomeMade Fried chicken and corn bread with dirty rice.... mmmmmmmm. there's way more coming to mind so I'm just going to call it there.

I guess deep down I'ma hella fat kid at heart.

Just so you know ladies... I'm a great cook.

well that's my five favorite foods. straight from the horses mouth. see you soon. much Love _D1g1t5_

WHo giV3S a fuCK?


WHo gives a fuck?

what tha fuck do you give a fuck about? who tha fuck is gunna see this? hahahahhahaa. what tha fuck does it matter and How tha fuck can I have a fouL mouth when I have a silver tounge? hahhahahahhahaha Lovehate and all inbetween fucker. bet D1G1T5

hello and who really gives a fuck.

I'm setting up a blog. I'll put various questions, Ideas, verse and chorus possibilities, maybe poetry fan art and such. random anything... and I'm going to entitle the blog "who gives a fuck". so holla at ya boi. this is D1G1T5 signing off saying, "much love and who gives a fuck." bet