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BOY GEORGE and the Un-Cultured Club

BOY GEORGE and the Un-Cultured Club Once again the big man, George O’Dowd is in the news. This time he’s on trial for false imprisonment of 29-year-old Audun Carlsen, a male escort he met through the U.K. personals website Gaydar. When they got to the bedroom and snapped some shots, Carlsen said, the 47-year-old George suddenly invited a second, unidentified man to join them. "As soon as I saw the other guy they were both jumping on me. They held me down and beat me. I could not move," Carlsen testified, per the BBC. "They pulled me down on to the floor and they were sitting on top of me. The other man didn't beat me he just helped George to hold me down. George was slapping me and beating me and punching me and screaming things." At that point, Carlsen said, George shackled the escort to a hook on the wall. Carlsen managed to wriggle free of the restraints by unscrewing the hook and fled the apartment in nothing but his boxer shorts. I was so scared," Carlsen told the jury. "I managed to get loose and I started running. He tried to stop me but I ran for the front door. I took a bit of time getting the door open and he had a metal chain that he was hitting me with." Per his testimony, Carlsen acknowledged that it was his second encounter with Boy George, but denied suggestions that he had agreed to take part in any sort of sexual escapades involving bondage. Carlsen noted that after the first liaison, the pop icon repeatedly accused the escort of hacking into George's computer. What the hell’s going on George? Not for the first time, has your private life been exposed to the masses. Back in the eighties Keyboardist Michael Rudetski, who co-wrote and played on the song "Sexuality" on Culture Club's From Luxury to Heartache album, was found dead of a heroin overdose in George's home in London. This followed a second death, friend Mark Vaultier, who overdosed on methadone and Valium at a party Boy George was attending but got arrested en route on suspicion of carrying drugs. On 7 October 2005, Boy George was arrested in Manhattan on suspicion of possessing cocaine, and appeared in court on 1 February 2006. On 17 June 2006, a Manhattan judge issued a warrant for the arrest of Boy George after the former Culture Club singer failed to appear in court. On 14 August 2006, Boy George reported for garbage duty, picking up trash for the New York City Department of Sanitation as part of his community service. As a result of the media coverage, he was allowed to perform his community service inside the Sanitation Department grounds. This garbage duty was assigned by the court for "wasting police time", after he admitted to falsely reporting a burglary in his Manhattan apartment Boy George was sued by an American club promoter from Warrington and ordered to pay £31,000 in compensation for loss of earnings. Boy George had cancelled his appearance after being arrested for possession of cocaine From a personal perspective Passionate Friends have crossed paths with Boy George on 2 occasions. On the first, we shared rehearsal facilities with Culture Club at NOMIS studios, London. On that occasion George was loud and proud in the reception area, pleading pathetically for help with using a public phone box. The rest of the band, apart from his close friend Jon Moss, completely ignored him. The second occasion was at this year’s Retrofest, where we were the weekend’s opening act. This time George was less pathetic, in fact he was an amazing singer and performer. His rendition of “Victims” was outstanding – the irony being that in his wake George has left many victims. Maybe we just need to accept the bad with the good. Additional information courtesy of Wikipedia and Yahoo

HOSTAGE - the story behind the song

Hostage - the story behind the song Category: Music The Passionate Friends song "Hostage" is based upon the events which took place on 5th May 1980, when the siege of the Iranian embassy in London has ended after a dramatic raid by SAS commandos. The lyrics are relayed by an electricity board meter reader, as if he is one of the innocent bystanders taken hostage on the day. The song was recorded at Jam studios in London. It was produced by Jimmy Douglas and features some legendary keyboard sounds from Adrian Lee (Mike and the Mechanics). Verse 1 I dreamt I was a hostage, in a hostile embassy Home ground, foreign territory I came to read the meter now I'm making history Me and six others, tied up like laundry Verse 2 My little clipboard, still lying in the cupboard The head guerrilla, he calls us all brother And the world outside, interviews my mother On the front page news, everybody's covered Verse 3 Impossible demands on the loud hailer Impossible dreams all doomed to failure All this sweet talk is getting us nowhere Magnificent seven all deep in prayer Middle A blinding flash, and a crash at the window Through the blackout comes a blacked up commando Try to orchestrate this chaos-a-go-go, Am I dead or alive, it feels like limbo Smoke grenades are making me flutter All around the automatic stutter, Slicing flash like a cheese cutter I open my eyes and I'm sitting in the cupboard Chorus I don't want to be a hostage, tied up in negotiations Don't want to be a hostage, tied up in negotiations. Millions of people watched the rescue live on television as bank holiday entertainment on all three channels was interrupted to show the real-life drama unfold. More than 30 masked troops stormed the embassy building from the balcony and front and back doors throwing grenades through the windows. Screams were heard from inside the building and some 15 minutes later the hostages emerged and were escorted by Scotland Yard police to waiting ambulances. Most of their hostages were fellow Iranians but also included embassy police guard PC Trevor Lock, BBC sound man Sim Harris, BBC news organiser Chris Cramer and tourists who had stopped by to collect visas. Information lifted from the BBC website - http://news.bbc.co.uk/onthisday/hi/dates/stories/may/5/newsid_2510000/2510873.stm Song lyrics of Hostage, written by J McNeill, M McNeill, A McNeill, D Halley and T Watson. Passionate Friends © 2008 Additional text BBC © MMVIII

The day we met Gary Glitter

One of the top moments was on 18 June 1983, at Ibrox park, the home of Glasgow Rangers soccer team, when we opened the show for Rod Stewart, along with Jo Boxers and Gary Glitter. It was gloriously hot day and the crowd started to fill up the ground quite swiftly when the gates opened. We'd been tutored about how to move around and make grand gestures so the people at the back could see us. A whole different ballgame, if you'll pardon the pun, from our regular sunday night at Night Moves on Sauchiehall Street The punters were right at your feet there - here they seemed like they were a million miles away. The master plan to run energetically from one side to the other came to grief - we didn't have radio packs so we were restricted to running the length of our leads, but we were the only local band on the bill and the crowd got right behind us. Jo Boxers followed us. They'd had their hit Boxer Beat, and it was the only song anyone knew. They kept themselves to themselves backstage- unlike Mr Glitter, who sashayed along the dresing room corridor, waving regally and lapping up the attention from the backstage staff. We were all young boys - luckily we kept our distance! When Gary took to he stage the audience went berserk. He played all the Glitter hits, and refused to get off at the end, which meant Rod and his band were late on. Not that they were bothered - they only arrived minutes before stage time in a tour bus which drove up on the pavement outside the main door. They trooped in, went directly to the stage area, played and went straight back onto the bus. No contact with anyone backstage that I could see. Still he did give the paying punters what they wanted. It was a great show. Extract of John of Passionate Friends from Martin Keilty's book Big Noise The Sound of Scotland.

On Tour with the Police 1983

We were filming a TV program for Scottish Television, when we got the word that we had to prepare to join the Police Synchronicity tour. F*ck!!!! The tour supports bands the Alarm and China Crisis had been pulled because they were not hyping the crowd enough, so our manager (and tour promoter Harvey Goldsmith) handed us the opportunity. We finished filming that night and first thing the next day we all crammed into a hired Transit and headed south. Were we scared? No way, as soon as any Scots person crosses the border into England, it's a case of who's drunk wins. The first night was in St. Austell, Cornwall. We stayed in a small cliff top B&B, sampling the local scrumpy. We arrived for the sound check, and were shown to our dressing room, a Portakabin. Nice! As it happens, we had a stylist, Jo Lewis, working for us (on the advice of manager Harvey Goldsmith). As it got nearer stage time, Jo had not appeared. This was the day that the IRA had blown up Harrods, and Jo had got caught in the melee. With minutes to spare, Jo arrived with loads of Katherine Hamnett gear. This was a mixture of reds, greys and blacks, which we adopted as the team colours. As I recall, I got the red suspenders. Next to our dressing room, were the backing singers. These ladies (Black and Decker) were class, and made us feel extremely welcome. It was a strange feeling being on the same stage as the Police. At this point we saw no sign of them. We gigged, went down well, and joined the crowd, after sinking a few of the sponsor's pints of Guinness. When the Police came on stage it was amazing, with Sting wearing a kind of bird feather jacket. We'd been part of the VIP audience when the Synchronicity Tor had been at the Apollo in Glasgow (sharing a box with Simple Minds), so we knew the set. At the end of the night we trudged back to our B&B. Suddenly above our heads we heard a thundering noise. It was the Police, in a helicopter, heading back home to London. We pulled our collars up to shelter from the mighty wind and went to bed. The next day, was more of the same. Turning up for work at the gig, clocking on, "evening Sting!". Our third appearance with the Police was 2 nights later at the NEC in Birmingham. We'd had a night off in London, and went to see Billy Connolly at the Apollo, Victoria. After his gig we went backstage to his dressing room. He relished any opportunity to speak with fellow Glaswegians, and had us all in stitches. At the NEC, Sting was the only member there for the afternoon sound check. Along with the roadies, he performed "Ghost riders in the sky". We were waiting at the side and he came over and wished us luck for the gig. We were like "cheers Sting", F*ck! Stuart Copeland drove on to the back stage utility area in a big green Cadillac. He had a portable gym backstage, to keep in shape. As if he needed it. Andy had the biggest array of foot pedals we had ever seen. After the gig there were jelly babies and soft toys strewn all over the stage. The gig was amazing. People to the front as far as the eye could see. People above to the left and right. Awesome. When it was all over, we were a bit dumbstruck. We had to wait for the crowd to clear, before heading back to Glasgow. "Night Sting!"

Passionate Friends at Retrofest

Passionate Friends have been invited to take part at Retrofest, Scotland on August 29th 2008. This is taken from the Retrofest site www.retrofest.co.uk. The multi-award nominated festival is back with a new home and a stonking line up of classic acts of the 70's, 80's and early 90's. Nominated for Best New Festival and Best Medium Sized Festival, Retrofest is all about revisiting your youth! And with a population last year that included 70% females, you lads would be mad to miss it! There are Hen parties galore attending this year so girls, who are you going to be flinging your knickers at? Peter Andre? Nik Kershaw? Limahl? Paul Young? Or perhaps Passionate Friends? (OUR WORDS NOT THEIRS!) It's all about Marathon Bars not Snickers; Sally James not Amanda Holden; Black Jacks not Banana Mojos; Wonder Woman; The Incredible Hulk;not Heroes (although Heroes is pretty cool!); Star Trek (the films with the original cast) not Stargate SG-1; Doctor Who (the 70s and 80s up to Peter Davison - and even Doctor Who now!); Smash Hits and not those dreadfully strait laced music mags we get now; Jackie Magazine not Heat. Actually, it's about everything you either loved or hated about your teens and more. This is Retrofest 2008. We are a humble, small festival. But it's being small that makes us what we are. Safe, cosy, compact and fun. Think of us as a Mini and not a big lumbering Rolls-Royce. One Main Stage to see all your favourite acts, one slightly smaller stage for those who are up and coming - and boy do we have some great new bands for you and some other areas designed to show you just how great the 70s and 80s really were. After a very successful first year, we have moved to Strathyclyde Country Park to prepare yet another festival of great music, better beer, nicer food and a field with more to do in than last year. We even have more space for you campers out there. We can also accommodate people with campervans (hurrah we hear you shout!). Book your tickets today - time is running out and so are the tickets