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Getting Techy

We are so new to all this wonderful social media technology. Learning all the ins and outs with ways to sell merch, songs, letting our fans know where we are playing and so much more. Please be patient with us as we navigae through muddy waters learning how to best connect with you! In the meantime...the wall of our facebook page is still the best. Eventually we will also have a web page, and hopefully VERY soon you will be able to order merchandise directly through our reverb nation band page off of facebook or the reverb site. Please let us knwo what you think and send love our way!

We are getting ready for the Charlotte Today show, which is tomorrow, June 14th! We are so excited that we can share our song "Voiceless" will be promoted. This song is so special to us. There are so many people that are hurting and you and I need to speak up for them. We need to be the Voice of the Voiceless. More about the song and how it was created in another post! Stay tuned! xoxo Lauren and Brooke