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Native American Music Awards

It was an overwhelming night, never to be forgotten when I was recognized as "Song Writer Of The Year." A big thank you to the many supporters that have helped me get this far. I could start thanking people, but I would have so many to acknowledge. I am thankful and grateful - music has always been a passion in my life. It has offered my imagination to reach its limits and sometimes go beyond. It has helped to create balance when my world and life became to much to deal with. It has done so many things for me. The award only opens the door for me to move forward and hold my passion close to my heart, so I can share with the Spirit of music, like so many artist out there - the known and the unknown - our gift is truly unique to everyone of us who create it!


Mark Beachey
Mark Beachey  (about 4 years ago)

that's cool Peter

Rae Dawn
Rae Dawn  (over 2 years ago)

thats awesome Peter I was just thinking about Native music and the way we always seem to be in the back ground like a slow moving river flowing out to the sea .....Congrads ~!~!!!!

Native American Music Awards....


Being nominated "Best Song Writer" in this year of 2013 is an honour and a privilege. It's great to be recognized amongst the many talented people. I am looking forward to attending......


Mark Beachey
Mark Beachey  (about 4 years ago)

that's awesome