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Octavia - Elegy for a Vampire

Met with Militia and began rehearsals. Militia is also the lead vocalist in an all female Judas Priest tribute band called, 'Judas Priestess'. Militia will be recording vocals on my song 'Drama Junkie' and 'Gentrified Minds' (Lyrics by Leroy Kangalee).. You can check out more of Militia here: https://www.facebook.com/judaspriestessfans/info and https://www.facebook.com/sharer/sharer.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.reverbnation.com%2Fartist%2Ffb_share%2F648931&t=Facebook+Player+for+JUDAS+PRIESTESS+|+Metal

'They should've been Punk Rockers instead', a new release by Kuch

They say music calms the savage beast, I agree!

They should have been punk rockers

A new song currently being recorded, your gonna love it!

Octavia - Elegy for a Vampire

This is a new play by Leroy Kangalee. We worked together in one of his last productions entitled, 'Gentrified Minds'. Octavia deals with a vampire who is 150 years old and no longer wants to live. She's seen it all and the lack of consciousness, the willful ignorance, the cruelty of man -- just overwhelms her. Can't take it no more. This is a woman who was born at the tail end of slavery in America and feels NOW in the 21st Century that really not much has changed for people of color, women, and society in general.

One of her "past lives" includes a stint as a songwriter and musician; a "Feminist" punk band leader - for a group called the Savage Paws. Her partner, Kia, is the singer and represents a kind of New Ideal, a new progressive stands in the arts, a welcomed breathe of fresh air and TRUTH in the awful pop world.

Leroy has kindly asked me to assist him with the music for a couple of songs in his new play. I will be meeting with Leroy in the next couple to few days. the opening will be in September sometime. I will keep you posted.