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Thank you ALL who came to see me at FAN FAIR X, it was a great week, and it was a blast to be able to perform at CMA FEST 2014, we are currently in the process of putting things together for next year already. It was really awesome to see some familiar faces, and really awesome to meet New faces, and see people enjoying themselves. All in All, it was a great time, and it was Awesome to see many other National acts and to have the opportunity of hangin' and speaking with them. Many things are in the works and we working on some KILLER shows, so stayed tuned for further updates, cause we just be in a City or State near you!! HOLLER N SWALLER!


We are Nashville bound this evening to go record the new CD, and then its Florida bound to record some also. We have some Great things coming up and hope your all there to share it with us! See y'all soon March 1st at Howdy's in Williamsville, NY


Hey y'all, thanks so much for following, and for all the support. Things are transpiring nicely and we are working on many new things for the up and coming year. Stay tuned, and if you haven't watched the new music video for my single "Don't Let Me Walk Away", please take a look and share it with your friends and family. Thank you, and God Bless!!


Hey y'all, things are going well, and we are working on some new material to share with the world! A Music willbe released in Mid September....while editing is underway, I just want to tell you all that I very much appreciate, ALL of the love and support that has been given thus far!! Everyday is a new day and a new challenge, but I know that there is a purpose for what we search for..... With that being said, Please keep your eyes posted for updates and shows in your area!

JB Aaron

Things are really moving along nicely. We have some new material in the works, we have an excellent management and street team in place.., and bigger and better things are about to transpire soon. Please keep your ey and ears open and make sure to check out the website at www.jbaaron.us for further updates...