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hello 2013

So here we are already in 2013 after just forming in the spring of 2011 and we finally have our first CD "Across The Can" in hand and ready to release to the public. It's been a learning experience no doubt and we are looking forward to making more recordings for you as soon as we can, but our focus now is at our practice sessions melding songs together and creating jam blocks of songs to keep the energy high and you moving all night long. We have been booking shows up through October and will be adding more dates as the days go by and want to see as many of you out there as we can so keep checking back for updates and we'll see you soon.

New Beginnings

It's been a while since our last blog, and many things have happened since... We have completed our first studio recording and are in the final stages before we can release it to the public (lots of paperwork, copyrights, BMI registrations, etc...) and have a release party for everybody. Now we have a much better understanding of the loooooooooong process from starting in the studio to finally releasing it with all the bells and whistles for you to buy copies and make us rich so we can get some new strings, and drumsticks...lol. At any rate the CD titled "Across The Can" was recorded and mixed at Sawhorse Studios in St. Louis MO, and was engineered by Jason McEntire. While in the studio we decided to bring in a few people to add to the sound and see how it turned out, some stuff was kept and some stuff was not. With help from our friends Stan, and Kenny adding keyboards and slide guitar things were sounding great. We still wanted to add a little more to the icy on top, maybe the sweet chocolate syrup we needed along with the cherry to really satisfy our craving to accomplish the goal to which we first set out on. We brought in Heather Corbitt to due some backup vocal tracks and sort of a duet style on a couple tunes. After the master mix was completed at Sawhorse we then skipped across town (wanting to do stuff local) to get it mastered at Blue Jade Audio by Brad Sarno. After a few revisions we finally have the mix we like and are now waiting to duplicate. Since we had started Rat Rod Kings things evolve as any band would hope to and with this evolution a lineup change happened and another member was added. We now have Heather singing with us she has brought a certain "sassy" into the outlaw attitude. Dave our new bassist has been fitting in just great and adds a new foundational feeling when playing and has blended musically and personality wise since day one. We just played a showcase in St. Louis with a great turn out, our 2nd year at Jacobpalooza, and opening night at Ye Ole Haunt opened by Rat Rod Kings favorite local music publication The St. Louis Sinner folks, who were ever so kind to do a spread on us in October 2012. We have more shows lined up for October and December and will be scheduling some for November as well so look out Missouri here we come again with the pedal to the medal and grinding gears!

final countdown

After playing our final 2 winter shows at Wild Willies and The Eagles Club (STG) the count down begins to the days we push the record button at Saw Horse Studios in St. Louis, MO on Feb 25, 26th. So far at this point of being together for less then a year we've had over 20 originals songs to choose from to record. It's been a long process of continually playing songs over and over and making the hard decisions of what makes the cut and what will have to wait. After the final vote we have taken it down to 10 songs that we will go into the studio with and record as many as our budget allows. Since November now, these 10 songs have been the main focus of our weekly jam sessions and are getting tighter and tighter each time we play them and should be bright and shiny from all the polish we are putting on them. At this point no title name for the first CD has been discussed, but surely will be in the next sit down. For anybody that may read this jaw flapping here is a sneak peek at the tentative list of song names that are being taken in to record in no certain order that's listed. Wild One, You Can't Stop This Train, The Pope Needs The Money, Cold Beer, Old River, Long Way From The Ground, Road To Memphis, Kracker, You Can't Hide, Run...

It begins

Our latest topic of discussion has been about recording 2 different CD's with 6 songs each, and we have decided on the 11 or 12 songs we are going to be recording and will begin our recording rehearsals this weekend while making our final twists and tweaks through out the next month. It was also talked about trying to release one early, and one late next year. We have trimmed down choices in studios and will decide when the time is right where we will be laying down our tracks. In January we have 2 shows before we head into the studio to record in either Jan or Feb. Happy Holidays everybody, keep music alive and support your local bands this holiday season. Rat Rod Kings

Summer ends, recording begins

As the summer comes to an end and we bring in the fall and winter let's look back and reflect on the first summer for the RRK's in 2011. Starting in June RRK's played their first gig @ The St. Louis Shimmy, a rat rod car show/benefit for the tornado victims in Joplin, MO along side bands as the Bible Belt Sinners, and Pearls Mahone and the One Eyed Jacks. Since this weekend we have played several shows with lots of good local bands and making great new friends and seeing new places. Along the way we decided that merchandise would be wise to invest in for our fans were starting to accumulate. Now we have seen the mark (merch) of the beasts (Rats) upon those who linger about in our world of rust. Next as the new seasons come upon us we have another busy month ahead of us with more live gigs, Hopi Ln TV webisode shoot and we have also been invited to 88.1FM KDHX to do a live performance on one of their programs. For the winter we have discussed slowing down our schedule to do some recording for a CD to infest your audio consumption with, and in hopes to give you a release next year backed by lots of shows for 2012. See you in the future since every second turns into the past. RRK's

The Rolling Ball

The R.R.K's current lineup has been polishing up and refining their songs for some weeks now. Gig number one took place at the first annual 2011 St. Louis Shimmy car show that was a benefit for the tornado victims in Joplin Missouri, that turned out to be a success. Lots of rat rod cars, street rods, motorcycles and more came out to strut their stuff and see who would go home with the top honors of the day with trophies made from old rat rod engine and car parts. Along with the badass cars and the blistering heat was the BADASS, HOT PINUP girls and their contest to crown Miss Shimmy 2011. WOW!! Not only was there great music and cars, but there was also great BBQ, drinks, people doing pinstriping, photo venders, and yes a water dunking booth, very much appropriate for the heat of the day, and all for a great cause to help those in need! Now we are working hard on our songs at each jam session, finding what we like and want to do with the songs. Standing at 15 originals in just a few short weeks time is giving us plenty of options and homework to sift through and define our sound as a band, and venture forth. We are starting to book shows, as well as being asked to play, so the ball is rolling forward and hopes to be a good first summer for us as a group. We hope to see as many people as possible out at the shows this summer. Tony The Rat Rod Kings