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Get ready....

....We're BACK! Saint Patty's Day at Cause in Minneapolis! With our new guitar player Zach Blacklit and our half undead half drunk drummer T.M. Whorra! This show is not to be missed... We are debuting two new song's "We Drink" and "Rock Whore" that have never ever been played live!

Until Saint Patty's Day Rock-N-Roll-Rock-N-Roll! -H-Core

We are ALL Rock & Roll Whores....

Welcome one and all, thank you for stopping by to view the car crash that is our band. We live to entertain and give you your moneys worth, Come back often because i will be putting up blogs from time to time and doing road reports and such. Until we meet again... - ROCK N ROLL-ROCK N ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!! - H-Core


Welcome Whores! Thanks for stopping by. If you dig the dirty, do us a favor and tell all your friends. Rock~n~Roll! Rock~n~Roll!