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A little worn

We are finally slowing down a little... We have no shows in December and in January we accept our 2nd Elephant Talk Punk Band of the Year award in the last 3 years and playing on the 3rd at the awards show. Then we play on the 23rd with Reagan Youth in Philly at the Legendary Dobbs. We are so psyched to do this show. Then no shows til March. We will reemerge to crush the world... BEWARE!!!!


Well Saturday we finally started the process of recording the new album by laying down the drum tracks to be followed in the next couple of weeks by the guitar bass and vocal tracks. Hope to have it done by mid October or early November. It is called "Punk Rock and Beer"... Also a bunch of new shows coming up. Check them out. That Is All!!

Long and painful summer of shows

Well we have just finished a summer of some great shows.... Partly because of a new crop of songs and partly because we have probably the best drummer we have had yet.... Andrew is truly the shit... But back to the pain end of all these shows.... My left foot might be broken (hurts like hell and is black and blue) meanwhile Adam has a bruised jaw, his hip the same and a badly sprained ankle from slipping on some spilt beer that I had warned him not to knock over repeatedly!!! Dumb ass.... Well back to doing nothing... Thanx for reading our 1st blog.... Keep checking back for my blog as it develops.... THAT IS ALL!!!