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To Die Released

Posted To Die featuring yours truly of vocals! song was originally Titled "And The violent" But felt led to go in another lyricail Direction!! Hope everyone can enjoy the demo track!!! Blessings, Mike

When Chaos Comes

Finnally a another Demo trak released Featuring the vocals of Brad"Heal The Sick" Hildebrand(Breakdown The Resistance) More music is coming stay tuned!!!!

2013 Update

More Music coming soon working on getting vocals for all that I have posted as teasers and well as a couple of brand new ones Hopefully have those up In the Spring!!! Until Then God Bless Mike

update 10-28-12 Firewar is realeased!!!!

Finnally a song with vocals on this profile the lyrics are coming soon!!!! specail thanks go out to Breakdown The Resistance Bert Gusman and Brad Hildebrand for contributing the fine vocal work as well as the the lyricail content!!!! stay tuned for more!!!!! Blessing In Christ!!!!! Mike