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I looked at the model magazine Fifteen women are the hottest girl That every dude would die for The hottest skinny girl in binkies Boys would looked at me like I was a nerd Get on my nerve with that teasing and how ugly I were Or princess girly would told me how funny my body is Cause my boobs were to tiny My hair was to nappy My curve was to chubby I took that advantage and disguise myself, harm it Do anything to get an attention Exercise hard, take diet pill or not eating right Woke up in the morning, feel cramped and Skelton I pump in my freakum dress like Beyoncé Get my hair done, Nail done like her I look at myself in the mirror real good My friend hood boy walks pass by me Tell me how badass I was Some it wise has told me, “You can’t be under somebody’s skin to tell you how beautiful you were just to impress them. You got to take a good deep look of yourself in the mirror Tell yourself that I love who I am because God made me who I am, not for the demon. Feel good about yourself and love yourself first. If you do that, other people would love for who you are. If you don’t like it, you got to make a change for yourself and don’t let the coach tell you how to play. You have the hands to make yourself a wonderful person by being yourself and not a copycat also love yourself. “ All the times I were impression them, they don’t even care about me. I’m not worry; I got people who love for me and only for me. I don’t need anyone to tell me I was the badass I know was the baddest b*** like Trina I release myself with butt naked Tell myself how proud I was How beautiful I was I love who I am I love what god create of me.

The struggle I have been through Poem

I walk with bear feets I have on raggie clothes No foods, No family Well, I do have family but they don’t care to much Such as like I’m invisble I’m in my own world Who thought I would be lost like Kanye West I have nobody Just god and me I fight through the pain Ain’t I get smaller? Cause bigger people who are above me Make me feel like I’m garbage They would do anything to hurt me Instead of being a good role model Sometimes I wanna cry Sometimes I wanna pray Most of all I feel like I wanna die Tie my hands put me on the cross Like they did in the Passion of the Christ I asked God, Forgive all the people who has stab my heart For those who have really love me, they lend me their hands Put me under their wings and guide me I can be a better person

Life is hard

Life scheme away How I'm suppose to get pass by it Hard to find the money if got no lucky Search for the miracle And I'm dying everyday Overcome the past Someone land on my trespass try to be the next me I want to be the first Work on my garden Pick up the old cotton like old slave White wise once say black is destroy dark I just I'm black with a bright mind I just I told you Suffer to pick up from the ground to the top Without the superman help Life get hard everyday I'm struggle person who try to be the best

Rap Wisdom

Rap is the life of story, Rap is like hood, be your story turn to 'em like their part of you. Once it died, there would be no B-Boys, slang, graffiti, beatbox and Dj to define of you. Be back with the whole new rap style in every years. People be healing it. Once again, hip hop never died it continues forever, it depend how you rap- kraziideafgurl (that me,lol!)


I realize the world change. I realize it ain't gone be same without you I maybe lost but I know where i'm gone. I realize I can't call you all the times for the power. I have victory to be the one. Since you gone, I'm on my own. I realize i wake up everyday to breathe Whose know? How long good air gone stay? I realize life are too short to live but not to me. I have my freedom and victory. I realize I am superwomen. I survive throughtout the whole universe trauma. I realize i can be the hero. No one can't change it.

Look at me for what?

What you look at me for what Cause im black Cause im hard of hearing Dont sit there like you never see no one like me I sure plenty of them out there Maybe you blind to see it Im opening wing Sing all the rejoice of the lord alway Cannot break your wrong cause you my hater For look at me like a dumb turn over november leaves brown You know what it good thing! Another season and another life green of me You just old brown rash paper bag for Look at me for what, like you own me Tell you what, i look at you and you look at me like battle End day, dont look at me for what! Look at me as happiness