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I LOVED YOU Official Music video is now OUT!

Thanks for stopping by to watch my NEW music video! "I LOVED YOU is a powerful pop/rock love ballad. This video is set in the 1800s and is a tragic love story between two poor peasants. It was shot with a CanonT3I and a homemade Steadicam /slider/and crane.The treatment was written, filmed, directed and edited by Travis Trout. Song performed by Chad Trout, recorded by Stacy Hogan. Song written by Brent Bennett and Eric Casper . Special thanks to Jaime Fox our leading lady.

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"Leaving Lee County" Video debut

The song "Leaving Lee County" was written by Chad Trout & Stacy Hogan. "It was originally an idea that turned into a metaphor about a painful relationship." Being a very personal subject and lyric, Chad kept the idea on the shelf for over two years. " All I had was a melody and some lyrics. Stacy Hogan, quickly put music to it and a song was born. "The first time I heard it played back. I thought... how raw!! I thought it was perfect with just an acoustic guitar, piano and vocals." Trout collaborated with friend/director, Mike Quinones "We literally put this video together in a matter of two days with very little budget" Then Seth Graves did an amazing job with editing. This video is part of a EP album project that Chad and his Brother Travis are releasing digitally SOON!