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Great press for Devil Music!

Devil Music is another stellar release for Randall – and reviewers agree!

“Always surprising and impressively inventive, Devil Music is the most original, most authentic album to drop this year and an enjoyable listen.” Blues Rock Review

“It is a full-on, song-filled album that will bring you joy upon repeated plays, and it will surprise you.” Dave DiMartino, Yahoo Music

“See this guy? He’s only one of the most original and profoundly satisfying artists around today. Bramblett has fashioned a post-Americana statement of profound proportions.” Mike Greenblatt, Goldmine Magazine

“Written, produced, sung, and played with unique perspective and awesome pizzazz, this highly inventive Devil Music is incredibly cool to just sit back with and enjoy.” Tom Clarke, Elmore Magazine

“Devil Music” exemplifies more than ever what a significant and important musician we have in Randall Bramblett.” Wildman Steve, The Corner News

“A dark, swampy groovefest.” AllMusic.com

“It distills the inclinations of a man who may not have been born into the blues but who connects with them on a soul level.” Indy Week

“Wrap all this up and you have a nasty little delicacy of an album from one of the most prolific and uncompromising Southern voices of our age.” Lexington Herald

“Randall Bramblett continues to carve out his Classic City legacy with album after stellar album of rootsy rock and roll. This album further codifies Bramblett’s distinct Deep South groove and reminds us that’s he’s still, after all these years, one of our state’s most vital working musicians.” Flagpole

“Dynamically delivered. It comes across with both grit and a groove, darkly defiant and yet impressively authentic.” Glide Magazine

“Devil Music is just the latest jewel in the crown of Bramblett’s incredibly prolific career. To have such an extraordinary voice from the South who holds the past in reverence but is not trapped by it. It is a true treat.” Bruce Yandle, Making a Scene Magazine

I have a new You Tube channel

This is certainly a work in progress, but we've collected some fun and interesting video clips of the band, or acoustic shows I've done over the years. Also included are other musicians I've collaborated with like Steve Winwood, (the Woodstock '94 Traffic show is there), Widespread Panic, Chuck Leavell, Geoff Achison, and more. Check it out at: www.youtube.com/randallbrambletttv

Randall Bramblett is staying above Sea Level

By Walter Tunis — Contributing Music Writer

His solo career has soared on a hybrid Southern rock sound

The Randall Bramblett Band

The music of Randall Bramblett was introduced to me in late 1974 via a concert recording by Gregg Allman. Then a wildly popular — and highly bankable — rock personality, Allman chronicled a high-profile tour with a 24-piece orchestra and the day's top Southern musicians on a two-album set titled simply The Gregg Allman Tour.

One of its highlights was the Allman original Queen of Hearts. There, amid an elegant setting of blues, swing and strings, were a pair of luscious saxophone solos by Bramblett.

That, of course, only illuminated Bramblett's instrumental smarts. After two solo albums that wouldn't hit my ears until many years later, he resurfaced with keyboardist and Allman cohort Chuck Leavell in the Southern fusion ensemble Sea Level. During the course of four albums in as many years— the best, by far, being 1997's Cats on the Coast and 1998's sublime On the Edge — Bramblett offered songs with vivid Southern imagery, soul and, at times, desperation. Several of the best tunes (This Could Be the Worst and Living in a Dream) were first cut for Bramblett's previous solo records. But within the spacious, keyboard- dominated world of Sea Level, the music sounded entirely new.

I caught glimpses of Bramblett in performance essentially by accident in the ensuing years alongside Steve Winwood. The first was during a tour promoting Winwood's underrated 1990 album Refugees of the Heart. The second was a 1994 reunion outing by Winwood's groundbreaking band Traffic. In fact, Traffic's televised performance for its induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame a decade later sported only three players: Winwood, the late drummer and Traffic co-founder Jim Capaldi and Bramblett on organ. The trio's jam-savvy version of Dear Mr. Fantasy more than justified Traffic's place in the Hall of Fame.

But it wasn't until 1998 that Bramblett's solo career began in earnest. The release of See Through Me triggered a string of extraordinary solo albums that saw his writing rapidly evolve and mature. The catalog of solo work that followed, which culminated with 2008's Now It's Tomorrow and 2010's The Meantime, represents Bramblett as a writer of literate, expansive Southern detail and a composer who dismisses the common view of "Southern rock" in favor of a schooled but coolly authoritative assimilation of rock, soul, jazz and, at times, gospel.

Lexington has received a few visits by Bramblett over the years, although Sunday marks his first full-band performance and his first concert of any kind since September 2010. If you caught any of those previous shows, you know the emotive and stylistic command of his music. If not, well, let's just say you really need to be at Natasha's on Sunday. This guy is one of the greats.

We made our Kickstarter goal!

I can't tell you all how happy and grateful I am that we met our goal together. I'm truly humbled by the generosity of all my friends and fans to make this project happen. I'm even more determined to make a great record and will keep you all updated with the progress. I'm going to Nashville to start the preliminary work next week. My eternal gratitude to all who gave their hard earned dough to make our goal. (I can sleep through the night now, too.) I hope to thank you all in person as the weeks go by. Randall

Grace Potter, Randall Bramblett, more Join The Allman Brothers Band

3/18/12 - Jambands.com Numerous guests joined The Allman Brothers Band during their St. Patrick’s Day performance at New York’s Beacon Theatre last night. Partway through the Brothers’ first set, Gregg Allman Band keyboardist Bruce Katz emerged for this run’s first “Sky is Crying” as well as “Statesboro Blues.” A few songs later, Sea Level/Traffic multi-instrumentalist Randall Bramblett—who was in the area for a performance with guitarist Geoff Achison at Terra Blues’ Hittin’ the Note party—added saxophone to “Desdemona,” while Katz played keyboards.

At the end of The Allman Brothers Band’s now regular second set acoustic segment, Bramblett returned along with first time Allman Brothers Band guest Grace Potter to sing on Fleetwood Mac’s “Gold Dust Woman.” Though Haynes and Potter have performed the number together in a variety of other settings, this was the first time the song has appeared during an Allman Brothers Band show. Interestingly enough, Allman stepped offstage before the cover, leaving Potter and Bramblett alone with younger Allman Brothers Band members Haynes, Derek Trucks, Oteil Burbridge and Marc Quiñones (ABB founding drummers Butch Trucks and Jaimoe usually sit out the band’s acoustic songs).

The surprises continued: Haynes, Trucks, Burbridge and Quiñones plugged in, Bramblett moved behind Allman’s organ and ABB tech. James van der Bogert took over on drums for a powerful rendition of Neil Young’s “Southern Man.” Potter traded verses with Haynes throughout the song and even moved to the organ for a bit to play alongside Bramblett. It was the rare time The Allman Brothers Band have played an electric number without any founding member onstage, but also one of this run’s most memorable moments.

After Potter and Bramblett left, Allman, Trucks, Jaimoe and Katz returned for “Aint’ Wasting Time.” Later in the set, Bramlett and Geoff Achison also took the stage for “That’s What Love Will Make You Do.”

Soulful Troubadour Back at Myrtle Beach

(By Dariel B - Flying Under the Radar) Randall Bramblett has performed and recorded with Sea Level, the Allman Brothers, Steve Winwood,Traffic, Levon Helm, Bonnie Raitt, Widespread Panic, Gov’t Mule and more. His tunes have been covered by scores of others. In fact, Bonnie Raitt is covering his “Used to Rule the World” on her next release. It’ll be the lead track and the second single to be released. Plus, they co-wrote another tune together that will be one of Starbucks’ free releases.

Randall Bramblett is a multi-talented icon in the music business. He’s more than proficient on guitar, saxophone and keyboards. His raspy vocals are passionate and soulful to the bone. But songwriting for this Jesup, Ga. native is akin to breathing, and that’s what I wanted to talk to him about during our telephone interview last week. He was happy to oblige.

“I have a lot going on,” he tells me. “I’ve been writing, getting ready to put out another album. I’m in the process of demo-ing songs that I’ve written since The Meantime. “I think I have enough for a record. I have to figure out a direction now.”

“The thing with me is I have so many different styles. My songs can be folkie or funky gospel or something else. But I don’t want the album to be too disjointed. A lot of it comes together from the players.

“But [for this next album] I’ve got a lot of strong bluesy R&B going on.” It makes sense, when you consider that Randall grew up in the heart of soul country in southern Georgia, where he counted James Brown and Ray Charles among his musical heroes. Further influenced by artists such as James Taylor and Carole King, Randall began writing songs while still in high school.

I’m always curious to learn how songwriters work at their craft … whether it starts as an idea or a line or a piano riff…

“I don’t write like Tin Pan Alley writers do,” Randall told me. “I don’t have an angle. Basically, I sit at my computer, two actually. One is for lyrics and one is for music.

“I’ll have sheets of paper with ideas from journaling written all over them.

“I usually write with a vignette or scene in mind. It’ll have some meaning, but I hardly ever write a story. I write more mood stuff. It’s similar to poetry, I think, hard to define … it has some openness to it.”

Intelligently written lyrics are a signature for Randall. His 2004 album Thin Places, much of which he co-wrote with guitarist Jason Slatton, is one of my faves.

“Jason usually gets it started and I finish. He comes up with some great lines,” Randall laughs as he explains. “We still write together, on two acoustic guitars.”

“No More Mr. Lucky [released in 2001 and produced by John Keane of Widespread Panic] was my first record for New West Records,” he continues.

Other notables include the uptempo “Get In, Get Out,” “Lost Energy” and Aching For a Dream, a tune about life choices, Neal Cassady and the Beat generation.

“I called Carolyn, Neal Cassady’s wife,” Randall says. “I found her on the Internet. She had a website devoted to Neal. She objected to my lyrics. She said he didn’t die counting the railroad ties in Mexico. She says Ken Kesey started all that.”

One thing all Randall Bramblett songs have in common is their emotion. I find it impossible to listen without feeling something.They push, they pull. They ask questions. They insinuate. They make me feel. Something.

The date for this year’s show is Saturday, March 10. The show starts at 8 p.m. And it will be SRO. If you don’t have a reservation yet, stop reading and shoot off an email with the number in your party to SouthxSoutheast@

Randall Bramblett & Geoff Achison Band venue change NYC

Sat. Mar. 17, Randall & Geoff's band with Yonrico Scott and Ted Pecchio will headline the Annual Hittin' the Note Party in NYC! http://www.hittinthenote.com/cart/p-1378-hittin-the-note-partybrmarch-17-2012brthe-iridium-nyc.aspx is the link to get tickets for the event. The event has been changed to Terra Blues in the Village, so get tickets early, this is a great party. It runs from 2 - 6pm.

For those going on to the Beacon, it's easy, easy to get there by train. Get the 1 train on Houston, right by Terra Blues, take it all the way to 72nd. Walk 3 blocks, you are at the Beacon!

Randall Bramblett & Geoff Achison Band at Fur Peace Station in Ohio!

Randall & Geoff's band have been invited to headline the Fur Peace Station stage at Jorma Kaukonen's Ranch in SE Ohio on Sat. March 31. The full band will be on hand. http://www.furpeaceranch.com/concerts.html

Randall Bramblett Band to Play Mountain Stage!

Very excited to announce on Sunday Feb. 19th the RBB will tape an episode of the NPR show Mountain Stage. It's a road trip show for Mt. Stage, and will be held at the UGA Performing Arts Center. Doors 6:30, show starts at 7pm. http://www.mountainstage.org/mtnstagelive.aspx

RBB will be joined by Patterson Hood, Caroline Aiken, Van Dyke Parks and Teitur.

Randall releases new concert DVD "Live at the Rialto Room"

On February 13, 2010, at The Rialto Room in Athens, Georgia, we gathered musicians and video and audio crews for a quick afternoon run through in preparation for “The Meantime” CD release concert. Up until the last minute, we were rounding up equipment and trying to fit strings, horns, vocalists and the rest of the musicians onto the small stage. Somehow when it came time to start the show that night, everything fell into place and it turned out to be one of the most beautiful performances of my career. I hope you enjoy this night as much as I did. Thanks to everyone who helped make this wonderful show possible. Randall Bramblett