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Greetings one and all!

Please note that today, two weeks ago our band room got broken into by the cream of Durbanite, Scumbag, Criminal, Dickless, Oxygen Thieving S.O.B.'s and three of our band members including myself, Jonny and Pauly were rudely deprived of our much revered and treasured musical gear, including amps, P.A.'s, Speakers and a multitude of awesome guitar and vocal FX pedals, close to the sum of R50k.

However... We have risen above this unfortunate ass invasion (Musical Sodomy) and recorded with whatever reserve amplification we could muster, a wee five track demo, courtesy of our esteemed Master bassist/guitarist/producer extrodinair, Malcolm Silver and drummer/engineer deluxe, Paul Davidson.

I could only upload three of these tracks as I screwed up the other two, due to LSD (Lead Singer's Disease) hehe :P (To be added after re-recording;))

At this point I would like to extend my endless gratitude to Grant Lazenby and John Paul Chamier from Glenwood Village Music and Mr. William De fortier Esquire Polony King for helping us out in any and every which way they could. Respect dudes!!! You RULE!!!

That said, I would like to extend a warm welcome to the fan page of The Jack Labels!!!

Yours as is

Stefan Adriaan Van Emmenis The First

Rock ON brothers and sisters!