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10/13 (Julian) Sweat, Blood and Giraffes.

So, it's a good time for action and we've been in full swing poking about for gigs, working on merch and CD copies, and not to mention writing new music that we can't wait to get out to all you people. It's weird, looking back at the EP we cut, it almost seems like a different era of our songwriting and music, even being just a few months ago. There is an energy, some aggressive sonic entity that comes only with experience and live performance. We are gaining that energy, slowly but surely. My gut tells me the next run of shows will be quite something to see. The next foray into studio work will be something too, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

9/6 (Jordan) Feeling nostalgic much?

Since we've just passed the bands one year anniversary, it's insane to look back at this past year to see how far we've become.

If someone would have told me that this band would would end up being a 3-piece making the music we're doing now, I would have shit myself. Starting off as a band that was meant to have multiple layers of guitar, with 5-6 members, to now being a 3 piece is such a profound difference. It's just a reminder of what we've dealt with and what we've been able to evolve into.

Now, I could never see myself in a big band. I love the intimacy (not gay?) of the practices, and the writing process that we go through. It seems through all of the bullshit we've seen, we came out alilve, and exactly how we wanted to.

We aren't a 3-piece because we HAD to, we're a 3 piece because we WANTED to, and because it was how it was meant to be. We didn't come from 6 to 3 accident, it was on purpose. We we're able to see what was right, and what was wrong.

Right now, this band is exactly where we should be. Our sound is solidified, we have some shows under our belt, and EP recorded, and now we are ready to venture into bigger and better things, and with the help of some great people, we're on track to do so.

It's always good to acknowledge your past, because it is a constant reminder of where we've come from.

Now all we can do is focus on the future and take this as far as it'll go.

8/20 (Julian)


Well, time sure does seem to fly when your hands are full. Lately it's been a cluster of wonderful new excursions, including but not limited to recording and releasing an EP, merch, new instruments and still working on new material practically every day. It's wild.

Big changes, no surprises. Things are looking up, or at least ahead. I'm looking forward to seeing it happen.

7/8 (Julian)

We are officially a week from Snedfest IV, and our first acoustic gig.

It's a nice change to strip some of these songs down to the basics, and get a whole new sound out of them. It helps garner an appreciation for playing music, just that simple concept of gathering with a few guys and a few instruments and just going with it.

Even so, the focus is equally shared with the plugged-in set, which is building with each rehearsal. There are quite a few new things that work to our advantage, and the upcoming shows should be interesting ones, especially sharing the stage with post-rock band The Sunday Proposition on the 23rd.

It's looking like a bright future.